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As an outdoor sport, weather conditions have a huge effect on how we play the game of golf. One of the most common and bemoaned issues facing golfers is the wind. Determining which club to use for a given shot in windy conditions is often guesswork, and very often a confusing decision. A new product named The Wind Shot attempts to simplify club selection on those blustery days.

About The Wind Shot

Did you know an 8 mph headwind will take 15 Yards off your shot?

Get Instant, Accurate Wind Readings with Club Selection. Patented One Color One Club Shot Selection System. Easy to Use, 100% Accuracy. The one tool every golfer needs in their bag.

At approximately two inches in diameter and similar in weight to a heavy duty divot tool, The Wind Shot is a product that can easily be carried in the pocket or golf bag. It’s primarily constructed of hard plastic, so it should be treated with care. The ‘wind sock’ is stored inside the unit and extends via a retractor. Retracting the wind sock back into the device is accomplished by pressing a button at the top center.

How it Works

1. Fully extend the red wind sock and polymer string and hold the unit parallel to the blowing wind. The direction of the blowing string and sock is the direction of the wind.

2. Making sure the unit is level to the horizon and in line with the blowing sock and string, read the front gauge and adjust your club and shot accordingly.

As illustrated above, using The Wind Shot is pretty simple, especially after getting familiar with the chart on the back of the device. The small wind sock extends from the housing and immediately starts blowing around if there’s any wind. Simply pointing the Wind Shot in line with where the wind is coming from shows both direction and a corresponding color that the red string lies on. If the wind is just a normal headwind or tailwind, the colors represent the number of clubs (up or down) one needs to adjust by.

If there’s an element of crosswind involved, the chart on the back can assist in determining how many yards left or right the user needs to aim in relation to the target. Admittedly, bringing crosswind into the equation does make the process a little more confusing, but it was easy enough to clear up after a few tries.

Retailing for $19.95, The Wind Shot can be purchased on the company’s website, Stay tuned to the THP Forum as we put this unique little gadget to use during the upcoming golf season.

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