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Since their introduction in late 2011, the Callaway Del Mar line of shoes has evolved in many ways. The same casual style and comfortable fit remain, but a number of new styles and improvements have been introduced over that time. The Del Mar Zephyr continues that trend with a decidedly Euro flavor and improved traction.

Information from Callaway

A Del Mar Zephyr is a light, refreshing sea breeze and this Euro-conscious upper in premium leather wedded stylishly to an all-EVA outsole with Xfer™ traction wall does not disappoint. The Zephyr not only offers excellent playability in a spikeless design it is also the lightest shoe in our Men’s line, weighing in at 20% lighter than our previous Del Mar models.

  • Xfer™ Tractional elements incorporated into a lighweight all-EVA outsole for optimum lightweight performance.
  • Stylish European fashion-inspired profile in handsome full grain leather.
  • Ortholite 3D insole for maximum comfort right out of the box.
  • Secondary set of fashion laces in a complementing color are included.
  • Four colorways –Grey/Grey/Navy, Black/Black, Brown/Brown, White/Grey/Navy
  • $119.99

2-Year Limited Water-Resistant Warranty

  • Callaway Golf warrants to the original purchaser for a period of two years from the date of purchase that the shoes will be free from any material or workmanship flaws that may result in water leaking into the shoes.

30-Day Comfort Guarantee

  • Warrants shoes for fit, comfort, or cushioning within 30 days of purchase.

Style and Fit


While true to the casual and somewhat funky nature of the Del Mar line, the Zephyr is a bit more refined – or at least as refined as you can get for this style of shoe. With a premium leather upper they certainly have a slightly higher-end look, while still not appearing stuffy. An extra set of contrasting shoe laces (burnt orange in the shoes that were reviewed) gives the option to make them stand out more if one is so inclined, but with the matching color laces they can quietly blend in as well. Thanks to the spikeless sole and the somewhat nondescript styling (at least in the brown colorway), this is certainly a pair of shoes that could be worn in some workplaces and then to the range after work.


The Zephyrs are liberally padded around the heel area, making them a solid choice for those that are sensitive to rubbing in the Achilles region. Typical of almost all Callaway shoes, they are true to fit, but on the roomier side. Those that desire a little more room in the toe region should find them an especially good fit, but those with narrower feet may see them as a little too loose. A full day of wearing them around the town showed that they were comfortable for extended periods of time on foot, surely a product of the Ortholite insert. This is certainly a pair of shoes that many could enjoy for a walking round directly out of the box.


One of the most apparent evolutions the Del Mar series has shown is the improved traction provided by the spikeless sole. Some may be familiar with the first generation of the line and its almost unnoticeable nubs, but with the Zephyrs we see much more aggressive and varied sole traction. While this still does not make them a soft-spike equivalent, the grip on the ground is much better than when the Del Mar was first introduced and it should last longer.


At $119.99, the Zephyr is competitively priced and the 2 year water resistance guarantee makes them a solid choice if the style fits the consumer’s eye. From personal experience, the Del Mar line is one of the more comfortable ones on the market (especially for the wider foot) and the Zephyr continues that tradition. More information on the Del Mar Zephyr and photos of the other colorways are available on Callaway’s website,

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Editor and writer Ryan Hawk lives in northwestern Illinois with his fiance and son. He's been a writer for The Hackers Paradise for two years and has been involved with a number of THP events.

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  1. Trout Bum says:

    Nice write up Ryan. I’d give these a run with the way the sole looks, the new design looks like it would definitely provide better traction than the previous model, I’d love to see it with the orange laces too.

  2. DawgDaddy says:

    Well done Hawk! Callaway has a hit on their hands with the Del Mar line. The Zephyr looks to be a solid addition. I do like the aggressive spike pattern of these.

  3. Freddie Kong says:

    Looks like a more rugged shoe then previous lines But still comfortabLe.

  4. #Cookie says:

    Nice review here Hawk, these are a comfy looking pair of shoes that have a bit “classiness” to them with the material as opposed so like the Monolites or Adicross.

    Will keep these in mind when in the need for a new pair, Callaway did a nice job here.

  5. CAA_Beat says:

    Nice review Hawk.

    I had the same thoughts as Freddie, kind of a rugged looking shoe. At first glance looks like more of a casual shoe I’d wear on weekends. Although I do know they state the DelMar line is more of a funky line. Not that that’s a bad thing, just different.

  6. Michael Gutierrez says:

    Thanks for the review Hawk.

    Aesthetically the previous versions of the Del Mars were not catching my eye, but I like these. I especially like the extra padding around the Achillies area. I’ll have to keep an eye out for these locally and try them on.

  7. Matt Maynard says:

    Great write up Ryan. I have never entertained the idea of purchasing a set of Callaway golf shoes before, however that is slowly changing. Can’t beat the price and the 2-year warranty.

  8. cwmonroe87 says:

    Nice to see these on the cheaper side compared to some other brands. Great review!

  9. says:

    Oh, my. I do like the look of the Zephyr. They certainly look comfy, too. Nice review Ryan.

  10. tequila4kapp says:

    Nice write up, Ryan!

    They look remarkably like FJ’s Contour Casuals, which is an okay thing to me. The sole sure seems like it would give great traction.

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