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The Callaway Footwear Xfer line of shoes offers three options with similar technologies, though with different looks and price points. The Xfer Sport is the lowest priced shoe in the line and offers the most traditional look of the three options.

Information from Callaway


The Xfer™ Sport brings the benefits of Xfer technologies to the recreational golfer.

  • A minimized toe to heel height lowers the foot’s center of gravity.
  • TPU X Cage overlay to wrap the upper securely to the outsole.
  • Our Xfer Dynamic Traction Technology combining built-in tractional elements with strategically placed Pro Flex PINS performance spikes to deliver optimum traction in any condition.
  • The Xfer Power Wall prevents lateral side foot slippage during your swing, while absorbing and releasing energy through the load and unload of your swing.
  • Ortholite 3D comfort insole for maximum comfort right out of the box.
  • Four colorways (White/Black, Black/Black, White/Blue, White/Red)
  • $129.99

2-Year Limited Water-Resistant Warranty

  • Callaway Golf warrants to the original purchaser for a period of two years from the date of purchase that the shoes will be free from any material or workmanship flaws that may result in water leaking into the shoes.

30-Day Comfort Guarantee

  • Warrants shoes for fit, comfort, or cushioning within 30 days of purchase.

Style and Comfort


Though similar in appearance to the Chev Comforts in some ways, the Xfer Sports are certainly a more advanced shoe in both looks and technology. They mesh the looks of a traditional saddle shoe with a more modern athletic design, which depending on the golfer may or may not be a good thing. The saddle area is complemented with a contrasting X that runs down towards the sole. Other contrasting highlights are placed on the tongue and heel area to complete Callaway’s modern take on this classic style.


Compared to the Xfer Vibe and Xfer Pro, the Xfer Sports may seem to fall behind a bit in style for the consumer that looks for more modern looks, but those that still desire the saddle style could see them as the most desirable shoe in the line. It’s not always easy to mesh two opposing styles (modern vs. classic) together, but as always, preferences will vary when it comes to fashion.


The advanced looking sole shows a well-thought out spike and traction design that seemed to perform very well during the golf swing. Small nubs run at opposing angles depending where on the sole they are placed and they are buttressed with seven PINS soft spikes.

Offering a typical Callaway shoe fit, the Xfer Sports have plenty of room in the toe region (even though they taper towards the toe), yet the heel is secured well in place. Ample heel padding prevented chafing of the Achilles tendon and the Ortholite sole made them a viable option for walking 18 holes. Compared to the Chev Comfort shoes they lacked that extra bit of room, but they fit just about perfectly for a golfer that borders on needing a wide shoe.


With a 2 year water-resistance warranty and 30 day comfort guarantee, consumers should have little risk purchasing the Chev Comforts if the style fits their eye. At $129.99, they are on the lower end of pricing for current-year shoes, which may make them even more attractive. More information and photos of the other colorways are available at

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