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In late 2013, THP got a chance to look at a company by the name of ClubCrown that was taking advantage of the growing customization boom in the golf industry. Their product was a professionally installed wrap (in a multitude of designs) that covered the crown of a driver or fairway wood.

Since that time, ClubCrown has expanded their offerings to include a user-installed ‘stripe’ that consumers can decorate their metalwoods with. It’s called ClubCrown Stripe and we had a chance to see, install, and use it firsthand.

ClubCrown Stripe


ClubCrown STRIPE utilizes revolutionary crown graphic technology to turn the look of your driver or fairway wood into your own custom design and acts as an amazing custom alignment aid.

  • More Confidence, More Fairways
  • Customized Alignment Aid
  • Easy Self Install
  • Width Equal to Golf Ball
  • Removable
  • Made in USA
  • 30-Day No Questions Asked Returns
  • $19.99

Available in dozens of different designs, ClubCrown Stripe is a simple adhesive that can now be installed without either finding an authorized dealer or shipping your golf club to the company. This should make it more accessible and attractive to a variety of consumers.

Installation and Information

ClubCrown Stripe has a very easy to follow guide in video form on their website and it’s worth the watch if you’re installing the product.

Included with each Stripe is a set of written instructions and a ‘practice’ version to work with, but watching the video is certainly advised as it explains the method very well. Though it took a bit of thinking and a quick practice, installation truly did come quickly in about 15 minutes from when the package was opened. It should be noted that unlike in the video, the cutting string is now actually attached to the adhesive rather than being a separate item in the packaging. This did cause a bit of confusion, but other than that the instructions were clear and simple to follow.


At less than 1g of weight, there was no noticeable difference in weight after installation. However, there certainly was a visual difference standing over the driver at address. Some will balk at this, but many should find it quite useful for aim and alignment. The decal is removable, so there are no worries of it damaging a golf club.

THP installed the Grey Raven version and found that the black coloring matched almost perfectly with a glossy driver crown. The naked eye could tell the surface was a bit different, but the Stripe meshed well with the crown and provided a new and unique look. Those consumers looking to make a statement also have the option to purchase a variety of collegiate and military designs.

At $19.99, ClubCrown Stripe is an easy way to customize a metalwood with little risk, cost, or effort. More information can be found on the company’s website,

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Editor and writer Ryan Hawk lives in northwestern Illinois with his fiance and son. He's been a writer for The Hackers Paradise for two years and has been involved with a number of THP events.

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  1. Intimadator2007 says:

    What a great way to turn those boring looking drivers into a cool looking club . I like it !

  2. #Cookie says:

    Hmmm…..I have a naked M3 head that this would be fun on. Need to peruse through their expanded offerings and maybe pick one up. Thanks for the spotlight Hawk and confirmation that install was simple and that the product does what it sets out to do.

  3. DevRickus says:

    I dont hate it as much as I thought I would. With the latest trend in golf being to add things to the crown of woods (turbulators, lines, logos) this doesnt offend me. I guess to an extent it kind of acts as a pop up protector as well so thats good as well.

  4. Nate says:

    Looks pretty easy and simple but wonder how many will have a “whoops” moment and have to buy another one to install.

  5. golf4life says:

    Pretty cool stuff. More customization options is never a bad thing.

  6. WCBM says:

    Love the looks of this. Some of my favorite drivers don’t have alignment aids- which I prefer. Now I can put my own on.

  7. DawgDaddy says:

    Thank you Ryan for another great review. I am intrigued with these and may just give these Club Crowns a try.

  8. T0AD says:

    Interesting. Especially since the top of driver looks a bit shabby. Could hide some scratches from not putting the cover on.

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