Product Spotlight – CS2 Putting Aid

With its neat packaging and multifaceted approach to putting, the CS2 Putting aid packs in a number of ways to help golfers improve their putting game.


The CS2 is great for indoor and outdoor practice. The patented integrated rail / tee system has been designed to accommodate all types of putting strokes ( squared to square / arced). The runway component simply clips onto the base plate, and the adjustable end gates ensure a square putter face at impact. The unit is completed by the unique CS2 putting cup which assists with learning pace control. All of the above combine in a totally unique way to help you master the 5 Putting Fundamentals

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How to Use the CS2

The video below, featuring Ian Baker Finch and Mike Shannon, illustrates the number of ways the CS2 can be used both on the practice green and at home.

Ian Baker-Finch & CS2 from Markets Online – Digital Agency on Vimeo.

As seen in the pictures above, the CS2 comes packaged in a unique carrying case that holds a number of different components, many of which can be used independently of each other. The base plate, with its perpendicular lines, gives an immediate visual to ensure correct face alignment at address. In addition, the base plate has a shiny finish that worked decently to let the user know where his eyes were in relation to the ball.

The rails and their attached tees fasten to the base plate via small magnets. It should be noted that unlike some other putting aids, the rails on the CS2 are not made to run the heel end of the putter against. Instead, they offer a visual guide for the stroke path and can be adjusted narrower over time to provide greater challenge. Lastly, as noted in the company’s materials, notches in the base plate and soft plastic construction allow the rails to be curved to accommodate all types of arcs. In theory, the CS2 offers some good flexibility for different types of users with this setup, but it was a bit awkward and cumbersome to position the gates at times.

The runway can be attached to the base plate (again via magnets) and features an adjustable gate at the end, which gives a demanding test of the putter’s face angle at impact. With three settings, the user can incorporate more difficulty into his or her practice over time. The final component appears to be a typical putting cup (claimed to assist with distance control), but the sloped edge and ball exit on the side do make it unlike most others seen on the market. In practice, the runway and gate were effective at providing immediate feedback on face angle, and the cup worked fine for the purpose of collecting balls, though it didn’t really provide any meaningful help on speed control.

To further add some versatility, all of the plastic markers (tees) attached to the rails can be pushed down into the ground, the rails removed, and only the tees used as guides for stroke path. The gate portion of the runway also has removable tees for the same purpose. This feature does help the player looking for an inconspicuous guide that is consistent and easy to set up square to the target.

The CS2 sells for $99 and comes with all the components listed above, as well as an instruction manual and DVD. More information can be found at

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