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Though not the most recognized brand stateside, NO1 is highly known overseas when it comes to golf grips. They are a company that is consistently pushing the technology utilized in their rubber components in order to find what they believe to be the ideal amount of feel and comfort for golfers. Most recently, NO1 developed their “50 Pro” grips as their more ‘players’ style offering which feature a much more aggressive pattern as well as a simple blacked out aesthetic opposed to the bright colors of their other lines.

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About NO1:
For a more consistent and accurate swing, NO1 Grip has discovered the importance of re-gripping. Similar to the concept of re-shafting for faster club head speed, NO1 Grip will help you “re grip” and maximize playability.

From improved trajectory, increased distance, to lower scores, NO1 Grip will change your game. Your grip is the only part of the club that comes in contact with your body. Grip feedback and stability are critical at the moment of impact. NO1 Grip addresses this often-overlooked issue by providing players with the highest performing grips in the market. Adding our grips to your clubs will bring you the much needed stability and confidence for your unique swing.

NO1 Grips come in various sizes and firmness, so you can find one that helps perform at your highest level, increase distance, and ultimately improve your score. With the feel and spin efficiency custom fit to your unique swing, NO1 Grip brings the most out of every golfer.

About the NO1 50 Pro Grips:
Our new proprietary elastomer features a 30% firmer compound providing solid feel while maintaining the signature sticky and tacky touch of the 50 series. The grip body and accents are in a bold, yet stealth all black – sure to match with your sticks.

  • Available Round Only
  • Weight: 50g (±1g)
  • Core Size: 0.56


Aesthetically speaking the black on black of the NO1 Pro 50 grips is definitely tame compared to most of what we are currently seeing in the grip market right now (and compared to NO1’s other releases), but it’s a look that showcases the texture of the grips really well. There is an incredibly deep tread to these and this means a pretty significant amount of what some will perceive as “roughness”, but it’s really nowhere near the level of cords. In fact, combined with the soft and tacky nature of NO1’s rubber material it blends quite nicely. Definitely on the firm side for grips, but nothing that is going to really eat up gloves or hands as much as a lot of other options out there.

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Overall there is a lot of ‘grip’ from the materials even with the increased firmness that NO1 is touting with the Pro 50’s and they actually just get tackier the warmer that it gets. Additionally, the aggressive tread pattern mentioned before really let the grips shine in the rain and this reviewer had no issues holding onto them even while going gloveless in the precipitation. Though the rubber material might be a concern for some as far as wear is concerned, especially given the $16.00/grip price tag, there were no immediate issues in time spent with them for this user, but that will likely vary depending on the individuals grip pressure and useage, as it will with any grip.

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Parting Thoughts:

The Pro 50’s are advertised as a more player’s style grip in terms of firmness and texture and that is just what they are. There is no doubt that NO1 makes an extremely high quality grip, and it’s definitely one that has garnered a bit of a cult-like following here stateside. Clearly, the two big factors here are going to be availability for golfers to get them in hand to spend some time with, as well as the rather hefty price tag. In the end though, there are a lot of golfers who would undoubtedly enjoy what the 50 Pro’s bring to the table.

The NO1 50 Pro grips have an MSRP of $16.00 per grip and more information on the company as well as all of their other offerings can be found on their website,

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