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These days there is no shortage of golf products that bear the intention of playing in adverse conditions more tolerable. When it comes to golf cart accessories, the market has seen items such as heaters and vinyl enclosures to help keep the elements from ruining a day on the course. Those two mentioned products are targeted at those who play golf in areas in which cold weather can dampen the experience. However, even those who live in colder climates do get to experience golf in hot weather throughout the season, and those products won’t be able to help on those days. Enter the Personal Golf Fan (PGF) as a way to keep cooler and more comfortable on those hot summer days.

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The Personal Golf Fan sports multiple features that will be beneficial to any golfer who is looking to use one. Right off the bat, players know that there are multiple brands of golf carts out on the market, and each one has different variances when it comes to how the console and storage areas are configured. Since this fan will be utilizing one of the available cup holders, there needed to be a way to ensure that it would be able to fit in just about any size compartment. To accommodate for this situation, PGF has included several screw-on bases that will change the length and width of the fan’s bottom, allowing it to fit snugly into any cup holder. To eliminate any kind of guesswork, each base is labeled as to which brand of golf cart it will work with. For the player who owns their own golf cart, dealing with the multiple pieces will not be an issue, nor will it be for the player who holds a membership at a golf club. Golfers who tend to migrate from course to course, will have to do their best to maintain all pieces so that when they discover the brand of cart they will be using for that round, a quick switch can easily be taken care of. Thankfully, the PGF does come with a nice storage pouch, which allows golfers to maintain all pieces together when the fan is not in use.

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The fan itself runs at two different speeds, which can be selected by pushing in the single button setup. The operation of this device is very straight-forward. Push the button once to turn the fan on and run it at normal speed. Another press will kick it up to the higher speed, while the next press will inevitably turn the fan off. Throughout testing, the normal speed was found to be more than enough when riding in a cart, while the high speed did in fact force more air in the direction of the cart passengers. If one is playing on a hot summer day, the extra boost in fan speed will surely be welcomed. The fan is not the quietest in the marketplace, however most of the sound could be washed out when riding in a cart.

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Battery life is something that many will undoubtedly wonder about when using this product. According to the spec sheet, on a full charge the Personal Golf Fan will last over six and half hours when running at normal speed, and just under four hours with continuous use on high speed. Throughout testing, the battery performance came very close to those projected numbers. Considering most rounds of golf tend to run around four and half hours, the PGF will have plenty of juice to get golfers through the round comfortably. Charging the battery is very simple with the included cable. Unfortunately, it does not utilize the ever popular Micro-USB cable, but instead uses an included DC adapter. With no lights on the fan, the only way to tell when the battery is fully charged is to wait for the LED indicator light on the charger to turn red. This process takes roughly three hours to go from a completely drained battery to a 100% charge. 

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Riding around the course with the Personal Golf Fan was a pretty enjoyable experience. Since the fan sits up rather high from the cup holder, it was easy to dial it in with the quick angle adjustment, so that the rider could easily feel the breeze. As was mentioned earlier, using the fan on the slower speed setting was more than enough, however if one is playing golf on an extremely hot summer day, the high setting would be preferable. More information, including the ability to purchase for $130, can be found at

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