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I have something a little different for the THP readers today because this article is not about a golf brand. This is about a woman’s apparel brand that focuses on luscious fabrics and humanitarian work. This is a company that has spent a great deal of time seeking out the finest fabrics to create a sensational feeling garment. The companies name is Project Iris and their goal is to provide ‘luxurious yet functional fashion’.

Short Sleeved Sunflower Top

According to the company the typical Project Iris Customer has the following attributes:

  • Is female
  • Between the ages of 20-55
  • Involved in world causes
  • Visits spas regularly
  • Exercises frequently
  • Is health conscious
  • Is fashionable
  • Likes to Travel

Project Iris has a very clear and strong message for what they stand for as a company. “Project Iris was developed with a purpose in mind: to create an opportunity for women that like fashion to contribute to causes that help women. The vision for Project Iris is to grow into a world-changing community that makes a dramatic impact on world hunger, malnutrition and women’s and children’s health in developing countries.”

The way they have gone about helping such worthy causes is by partnering with World Food Program USA which is a humanitarian organization that helps in the fight against world hunger by providing nutrition to poverty-stricken areas around the world. Through this partnership a portion of the Project Iris sales are used to help feed mothers and their children in less fortunate regions of the world. An extremely moving state provided by the company shows that they made an initial donation of over 12,000 nutritious meals to the World Food Program USA. It is clear that helping others less fortunate is very important to this company and at THP we are, too, feel very strongly about charitable acts and organizations.

Willows Long Sleeved Top

What is so wonderful about this company is that not only will you be helping women and children in need by purchasing the Project Iris apparel but you also get a quality piece of apparel. We received two of their tops for sampling and from the minute you touch them you can tell they use top of the line materials. Both shirts were incredibly soft to the touch. So soft, in fact, that I wanted to slip them right on and take a nap. You know that feeling a shirt gets when you have had it for years and it becomes the most comfortable thing you own? That is how these shirts feel. They simply feel incredible against your skin.

We sampled their Sunflower Short Sleeved shirt and Willows Long Sleeved shirt. Both have a lovely floral design which has a very tranquil essence. All of their tops have that same calming, laid back, relaxed aura to them. Project Iris is sold in retail stores that cater to women such as spas, resorts, yoga studios and fitness centers. The minute you feel the fabrics of these tops you will know why they are sold in places like a spa. They are so soft and the designs so soothing to the eyes they give you an immediate zen feeling.

For more information on this company and to see other designs that they offer you can visit their website here. You can also become a fan of their facebook page here.


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  1. Ryan H. says:

    Very noble cause and it sounds like they make some very nice clothing as well.

  2. Raisa says:

    This is a really great article and was very informative, it is great to read about people that are successful and that they also choose to establish a company with a purpose and a vision to help women in society who are of need! Well done!

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