Project X HandCrafted HZRDUS T1100 Shaft

One of the biggest questions we have continued to get about Project X has been if we would ever see the HandCrafted releases make their triumphant return. In fact, it has typically been the first question we have received with each new shaft release from the brand. 

Well, the time is now, HandCrafted is indeed back, and there is no better way to kick it off than the new HZRDUS T1100. 

Project X HandCrafted HZRDUS T1100

Project X HandCrafted HZRDUS T1100

If you are new to the game, when Project X talks HandCrafted it not only means one of the coolest logo’s ever in golf, but also that each shaft is being rolled by hand in the PX R&D lab in San Diego, CA. This process means precision to the highest level possible, with excruciatingly tight tolerances and the shafts being trimmed to frequency bringing things to an even higher level. 

Project X HandCrafted HZRDUS T1100

Well-known and respected among THP’ers, Don Brown, VP of Marketing and Innovation for Project X had this to say:

“We are beyond excited to be able to bring back a HandCrafted line of graphite shafts. When producing a HandCrafted shaft, each shaft is rolled by hand, painted by hand and the logos are even applied by hand, all in our San Diego lab, ensuring the utmost care is taken along the way.”

Project X HandCrafted HZRDUS T1100

However, this isn’t a rehash of previous HZRDUS T1100 shafts.  Although other versions have long been known as some of the most stout golf shafts on the planet, as professional golfers continue to get stronger and faster, the T1100 needed to as well. So, this version is utilizing a new “4D Optimized Carbon Technology”. This new carbon fiber spread tow weave is strategically placed throughout the shaft and angled at 45 degrees for more torsional resistance. The material is actually visible throughout the shaft and is the key to creating the most stable shaft to date from Project X. 

Naturally, this is being classed as a low launch and low spin behemoth, which PX always means when they say it. The Hand Crafted HZRDUS T1100 will be available in 60g, 70g, and 80g models with the more detailed specifications shown below:

Because HandCrafted is such a limited process in how many shafts can be created per day, there will be more information on a full retail launch to come, and THP will have all the information at that time. However, the shaft will be making its debut this week at the Valero Texas Open with significant early adoption predicted. 

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