PUMA Cell Fusion Golf Shoe Review

Last April The Hackers Paradise got the opportunity to review a golf shoe from PUMA Golf that quickly became one of our favorite pairs for 2009. It was called the Swing Crown GTX and the line quickly became a favorite for our readers as well gaining them the “prestigious” title of Best Golf Shoe of 2009 voted on by the readers of The Hackers Paradise. Waterproof, stylish, fabulous performance, and extreme comfort all add up to a top notch shoe, and the Swing Crown GTX has each of those characteristics.

Fast forward a little less than a year later and PUMA Golf is introducing another shoe to the market that intrigued us quite a bit. It is called the PUMA Cell Fusion and the story behind it is simple.
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From the Company
A fusion of our finest golf technologies with our cutting-edge style, the Cell Fusion features forefoot and heel iCell technology with an array of hexagonal inner-cell components within the midsole for enhanced cushioning and stability. The TPU outsole is equipped with directional, molded Smart Quills, as well as new, replaceable Smart Quill spikes with locking technology. And we placed teh addiional TPU teeth in critical areas of the heel and forefoot for added grip.

Sizes – 7-14
Tech – Replaceable Smart Quill Spikes
Guarantee – 2 Year Waterproof Guarantee
Price – MSRP $180
Classic Looks

What can I say, I am a sucker for a good looking golf shoe, however last year was the first time that I thought the PUMA golf shoes delivered as much on performance and comfort as they did on style. The Cell Fusion golf shoe from PUMA Golf has a classic PUMA look with some nice twists to it. The shoe itself is white with the classic PUMA lines running down the sides in contrasting color. The sole of the shoe is done in blue (other color palettes available) and it creeps up along the sides to give it a more colorful and stylish appeal. On the toe and the heel PUMA strategically placed the classic PUMA logo in blue to match that of the sole. This is something that is very well done and while it is subtle, the logo adds to style just that much more. For an added twist, the company has gone with black/white laces to match the color pattern found throughout. Simple, yet sophisticated, and adds a nice touch of flare. From a looks stand point alone, PUMA has a winner on their hands.
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So much technology has gone into golf shoes in recent years that there is no doubt in my mind that there can be “performance” packed into your feet. Between better materials to keep water out, directional spikes, and more support in the right areas, PUMA has hit a home run in terms of the performance category. When wearing them you feel “ready to play” and they improved upon the already popular Smart Quill technology by incorporating the design into replaceable and removable spikes. Something we were thrilled to see in the new Cell Fusion. The shoe still offers some Smart Quills that are not able to be removed but in the areas where it is most crucial, they can now be replaced. The Quills are placed in different directions on the right and left shoe and this is to aid in performance but I have always wondered if this means lefties (I am RH) are getting the opposite side of performance? What I can tell you is that the grip on these cleats is phenomenal and even after 8 rounds of golf in them, they look to be in excellent condition and gripping like they were brand new.
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Once you slip them on, there is no longer a conversation…A smile creeps across your face as you realize what you have been missing. The Cell Fusion golf shoes from PUMA are extreme comfort for my feet. As mentioned above we have played 8 rounds of golf with them on and countless range sessions and not a single minute of foot fatigue. What stood out in comfort with these specific shoes is just how well they conform to your feet during the course of the round. The heel cushioning and padded upper interior grip the foot just tight enough to feel like the shoes are almost connected to you and after a few holes it is a match made in heaven. There was no breaking in period, no “learning your foot” period, or anything like that. By the end of our testing, I was explaining to my playing partners that these were now needed in every color because they are just that comfortable.

PUMA has hit an absolute home run with their newest shoe offering the Cell Fusion. It combines everything that we loved with the Swing Crown GTX from our last review with some new features such as removable Smart Quills to give us something truly special. Add those together with the fact that these are still well priced for a top of the line shoe and you have a tremendous product on your hands. Looks, Performance, Comfort, and Price all add up to a winner in our book. For more information on these or any other PUMA Golf products, check out their website at golf.puma.com.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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