Puma Golf Ignite NXT Golf Shoe Review

Have you familiarized yourself with the Ignite NXT golf shoes from Puma Golf?  In a continuous trend of shoe evolution from one of the most prominent brands available to golfers, Puma has established themselves with the IGNITE Spikeless franchise and expanded the colorway lineup for 2020.

Not familiar with the tech involved?  Let’s dive in.

Puma offers a ‘performance mesh’, which is a material that is designed to be waterproof and not stretch out like some of the mesh style shoes that are available out there today.  With the shape of the Ignite NXT shoe, it works well as it fits like a glove right out of the box, leaving little need for that painful break in period that we all know and hate.  It also allows the toe to flex during the swing without ugly creasing that is found on a lot of golf shoes.

While it is not directly discussed by Puma in their shoe breakdown, the design of the NXT with loops in the heel and tongue section make putting on the shoe extremely easy.  It makes great sense for a shoe that has lots of give in the material to have something that makes it easy to get on, and includes the added benefit of having a design feature that dictates how pants drape the shoe itself.  Rainy outside?  Keep the back loop outside the pant to avoid any potential dragging in the wet grass and conditions.

In what Puma calls “superior step in comfort,” one of the most important components of the shoe, and of any shoe that is intended for walking 18 holes, is the Ignite foam material that runs between the spikes and the foot.  It is a material that reduces foot fatigue and allows the golfer to walk freely with some flex rather than a rigid, firm sole.

When I originally looked at the bottom of the shoe, I was intrigued by the spike pattern and assumed there was something going on there.  Puma confirms this with the notation that 100 hexagon lugs were strategically placed in specific directions to support the golf swing.  While this is not an absolute solution for all conditions (read; wet grass will always create potential to slide during a swing), in optimal conditions this produces a confidence inspiring design to really get after the ball.  For the wetter days or early mornings, Puma boasts a number of secondary options that incorporate full spikes into their product lines.

PWRCAGE is the central focus of the shoe, connecting the strength of lacing to the control that golfers have in dictating their mid foot movement.  As someone who regularly plays with loose or untied shoes, this is a welcome feature as it does not require a fully tight lace to promote control in the shoe, whereas some companies rely on a fully narrow shoe feature to promote the same kind of movement reduction.  For golfers who have a preferred fit profile, Puma actually offers their Ignite NXT in three different options; the standard lace system, Disc for a quick twist tightening system, and the Solelace offering that connects the bridge of the foot to the base of the shoe.

The final component that needs to be considered is Puma’s note that these shoes do tend to run a bit long, and they encourage running a half size smaller to accommodate.  I personally think this suggestion is accurate, although many companies out there have their own definition of foot size, and trying them on will always promote the best fit solution for your foot.

As you can see from the photos shared in this review, Puma has taken the Ignite NXT to the next level with new colorways for 2020, as well as including some fantastic additional shoe options for this season.  These retail for around $120, and can be found in stores and online and places like Budget Golf where you can use the THP discount code found to the top right of this article for an even better deal. For additional considerations on the full Puma lineup, visit www.cobragolf.com.

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Dan Edwards is a THP staff writer that currently resides in southern Ohio. He is a low index player that has a long-held love for taking in and sharing knowledge about golf equipment.
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