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The last few years have seen a resurgence of great footwear coming from PUMA Golf and their TitanTour Ignite shoes were favorites of THPers that posted reviews in the THP Forum. Coming soon, a new model and featuring what they are calling the revolutionary DISC closure system.


The DISC Collection of footwear is headlined by the TitanTour Ignite DISC and TitanTour Ignite Premium DISC, which combines the popular Ignite foam for comfort and performance with a new system for closure to provide a product that is premium, comfortable and stable. First used in their running shoes, the DISC system is very easy to use. A quick turn of the dial to the right, tightens wire laces in the upper of the shoe to secure the foot in locked in and uniform custom fit. A quick turn to the left, easily loosens the shoe and you can remove from there.

“At PUMA Golf we strive to push the boundaries of innovation in all of our products; while keeping in mind the specific needs of golfers: style, fit, comfort and stability,” said Grant Knudson, Head of Footwear, PUMA Golf. “With the addition of PUMA’s DISC technology, the coolest and most comfortable shoes in golf now offer a more stable and customized fit than ever before. With just a simple twist of the DISC you have amazing fit and feel that will keep you secure and comfortable during a round. It’s quick and easy to ‘click it and rip it’!”


The technology story does not stop with the closure system and Ignite foam however. The TitanTour Ignite DISC also features a PU Sockliner, along with what PUMA calls their PWRFRAME TPU outsole. In THP Testing, the outsole of the shoe holds the midsole area as well as any other, while not increasing the weight of the overall product, so you still feel light on your feet for 18 holes.

Rounding out the DISC family are the Blaze DISC for women, Grip Sport Junior DISC shoes along with a spikeless version for men: the IGNITE Spikeless Sport DISC. The women’s Blaze DISC shoe is a fashion-forward, cleated shoe that provides a fast, easy and consistent fit for ultimate comfort and performance. The Grip Sport Junior shoe boasts the same DISC technology in the adult versions, ensuring a stable fit, along with a breathable performance mesh upper and sporty midsole to keep young golfers cool and styling all day long.


The IGNITE Spikeless Sport, introduced last year, and touted by PGA TOUR professional Bryson DeChambeau as the most comfortable shoe he’s ever worn, provide the ultimate in function, versatility and fashion, and will now be available in a new laceless version. DeChambeau will continue to wear this Tour-proven shoe throughout the season.


As you can see from the images both above and below, the new Disc Collection from PUMA Golf combines stunning looks with some serious technology for a chance at custom fit and incredible comfort.

The Story
COLORS: White/Black; White/High Risk Red/Grey Violet; Black/Quiet Shade; Gray Violet/White/Steel Gray and White/True Blue
AVAILABLE: February 1, 2017
PRICE: $180

COLORS: White/Gray Violet; Black/Dark Shadow and Gray Violet/Vibrant Orange.
AVAILABLE: February 1, 2017
PRICE: $200


COLORS: Black/Silver; Quarry/High-Risk Red/Bright Plasma/Peacoat
AVAILABLE: February 1, 2017
PRICE: $140

COLORS: White/Silver and White/Bright Rose
AVAILABLE: February 1, 2017
PRICE: $120

COLORS: Quiet Shade/White/Bluefish and Peacoat/White/Orange Clown Fish
AVAILABLE: February 1, 2017
PRICE: $80


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  1. Corey Cochstan says:

    Love the look of the Ignites. Owned 2 pairs this year and will be ordering the Disc Premiums as soon as I can.

  2. curtis strange fan says:

    oh man, those red and blue ones will be mine.

  3. Dave S says:

    Similar to BOA from Footjoy, but I struggled with those when I tried them. The placement of the disc is better than the heel though.

  4. Denmark THP Guy says:

    can’t wait for these. think I will be going with the gray pair.

  5. Fredrick Kong says:

    I’ve never gamed this tech in my shoes. There is a first time for everything. Just need to find a color scheme I like.

  6. bucketsofjoy says:

    I’ll be all over the gray on gray titans when they are released. That speaks to me!

  7. KEV says:

    Great looking shoes and I really like the placement of the disc compared to other similar products.

  8. Bullfrog says:

    I will have a couple pair of the Titan Tour ignites! They are comfy and can’t wait to use the DISC system. Rapid lacing at it’s finest.

  9. Alex B says:

    Love the look of these and the DISC tech pricepoints are great as well. i will own a few pairs.

  10. Puttin4Bird says:

    I like the looks and they also appear as if they’d be insanely comfortable as well. Thanks for the preview, definitely something to ponder as I get ready to get me some new kicks for 2017!

  11. Mr. Birdie Guy says:

    I have been waiting for these for a while. Used to like the FJ BOA line, but hated the placement of them. Switched to puma shoes last year and really like the fit they have on me feet.

  12. fairwayguy2 says:

    do they offer wide sizes?

  13. @fairwayguy2,
    Technically no, however with a wider toe bed and the closure system, we do not think most will have issues with fit.

  14. hackernation says:

    The IGNITE Spikeless Sport Disc – took a look at these at my local PGASS and they were very comfortable, easy to slip on and off also fit pretty well with my wide feet. Will need to look into trying them out when the price goes down a bit.

  15. Bullfrog says:

    the DISC on the hats work well! I would imagine that this works just as well. Love my Puma shoes.

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