Puma Ladies Fall Fashion Preview

The Hackers Paradise was fortunate enough to review the ladies spring line for PUMA last year and we are very excited about the opportunity to review their Fall line this year. We really liked what we saw last year and truly became a believer in PUMA golf apparel. For spring the theme for PUMA was color, wonderful bright, luminous color. For fall we still have bright colors, but they also added some dark colors with bright accents. Here is a sneak preview for fall.

Outfit 1:
The white long sleeved top is made of a great tech material that is sure to keep you warm for fall while still allowing you the freedom to swing effortlessly. This V-neck collar is my favorite part of this top, I have always preferred a v-neck to any other type of cut. The left sleeve has the signature PUMA 18 hole design in a metallic silver/gray color.

The blue skort also has that wonderful moisture wicking material. The shorts portion of the skort is a different shade of blue as the skirt portion and together they are the perfect compliment to one another. The skort has almost a flower-like shape to it that I find to be extremely feminine and playful. I honestly love everything about this skirt, from the material, to the colors, to the fit, style, and durability. This is the kind of skort that I would buy in every color.
Many people know PUMA more for their shoes then their clothes and after seeing these shoes I can understand why. I was really impressed with everything that Puma has to offer for Fall but these shoes were truly the icing on the cake. The silver accents and designs add a beautiful layer of style. The little extra touches like the purple puma on the tongue and back of the shoe really set these shoes apart from the competition.

The perfect item to complete this outfit the matching two toned PUMA hat. The two shades of blue are the exact colors in the skort mentioned above.

Outfit 2
The black polo is, in my opinion, a girls best friend. You get the slimming affect from the black and at the same time you get the bright colors from the pink, white, and gray. The circular design and adds such a fun and flirty aspect to the top. Attention to detail is evident here with the 18 hole design on the buttons of the color.
The black bermuda shorts are a thicker material than what I am used to but I didn’t find it to be any issue whatsoever while on the course. Their are extra long slits on either sides of the shorts which allows for greater flexibility while swinging and extra ventilation as well, plus they look great!
PUMA supplied two different jacket options for this outfit. The first jacket is a colorful compliment to the bermudas.

This black zip up jacket has the same concept as the top with the pink circle design to really brighten the entire outfit.
The second jacket is actually a windbreaker. This also has a circle pattern that is hard to see in pictures but looks great when on the body. This lightweight jacket is perfect for a cool day on the course. This is not only a stylish piece of clothing but functional as well.
PUMA does it again with great style, perfect fabrics, and a clothing line that is more than just apparel. It is a lifestyle! It is a lifestyle that we here at THP are glad to be a part of. For more information on any of the PUMA gear check out their website and blog for more information.

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  • Another great preview for the ladies! Puma really makes some nice looking stuff.

  • I really thought some of these brands could not be topped, but this one might be my favorite so far. Good looking clothes.

  • Not sure about the black on black, but love the first outfit. The shoes are great too. Plus they are on the budget side after googling them, so that is just a bonus.

  • Love the pictures. I am new to golf and glad to have found a site that caters to us women. I have been looking at golf shoes, imagine that a lady looking at shoes, and think these are the cutest and priced right. Thanks.

  • The black outfit is great. I like the slits better on the sides of the Bermudas than on the front of the skort.

  • My wife is already tracking down those shoes and the white top. Really good pictures by the way when you blow them up.

  • My wife really likes those jackets. Is the wind breaker waterproof? Could it be used as a slicker of sorts and keep it in your golf bag? It looks great.

  • The Echo,

    Unless something specifically states it’s waterproof I never want to assume. However, I am very comfortable to say that I believe it is water resistant.

  • Great post

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