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Here at The Hackers Paradise we have been on a little bit of a golf shoe kick as of late. We seem to be reviewing just about every line that comes out and enjoying quite a few of them. However since the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show, no shoe was on our radar to review more than the PUMA Swing Crown GTX. Since we got the chance to review the PUMA belts last year we have become extremely fond of everything PUMA Golf. The company offers sleek styling, amazing, comfort, and overall good quality. As I mentioned before, at the PGA Show this year we got a private showing of showing of what to expect from this brand in 2009. The shoes from looks alone blew us away. There are very few people that get as excited about golf shoes as we do, but what can we say, it’s a sickness.

After the show we begged and pleaded until a pair of shoes was sent to us to review. I think our friends at PUMA did it more to stop hearing from us than anything else. In all seriousness, we contacted them and they were happy to send a pair over for us to cover. There were so many things that stuck out to me with these shoes from appearance and fact sheets alone, that I just could not wait to see if all this technology made a difference on the course. But I must say that if 1st appearance means anything (and we all know it does), these shoes were headed in the right direction.

Now as most of our readers know, I am golf shoe fanatic. As crazy as it sounds, I relate it to Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, fashion dictates comfort! But it seems more and more with the new lines being released you can have your cake and eat it too. But with golf shoes at the higher end of the price scale, I have come to expect certain things in return. Here is what PUMA has to say about this line of their shoes.

Royalty on the greens. With our innovative Smart Quill technology, that features a two year durability guarantee on the Quills, this updated version of the Swing GTX adds power to your game. A super lightweight golf shoe, it has a fiber glass outsole that is unique for the left and right feet and a synthetic microfiber upper with a two year GORE-TEX waterproof warranty so that you can rule – even in the rain. Additionally, a TPU reinforcement cage offers support as well as a seamless effect. Use your power wisely.

For the purposes of this review we will start with style, then comfort, and then go into technology. As I mentioned previously, our first impressions were pretty spectacular. The shoes look great! They are classic looking but definitely have added some modern flare. I have never been one to really enjoy just a solid colored shoe, so the added silver really adds a pop and makes matching it with apparel work even better. I am also really glad to see a company use regular shoe laces. I cannot stand those compaines that use these thin, wire type of laces that never stay tied. The first day we headed to the golf course and I must say I was surprised that both the head teaching professional and a fellow member commented on the PUMA Swing Crown GTX shoes before my round even began.

For most golfers, comfort is far more important than style in a golf shoe. And while I believe that is preposterous, we do not write these reviews for me, we write them for everybody else. (I’m joking by the way) The PUMA Swing Crown GTX has you covered either way though. The little things stand out in these shoes that make you want to wear them all the time. The built in tongue of the shoe never moves, and therefore never has any discomfort. The soles of the shoe are quite “cushiony” to help with foot exhaustion. But more importantly to me in all of that was the fact these golf shoes are EXTREMELY LIGHT WEIGHT. I hate to admit this, but I really have enjoyed wearing the sneaker style golf shoe in recent weeks because of just how light they are. Well, these shoes from PUMA have the same light weight and I do not have to sacrifice anything in the style department. Just how comfortable are they? I have played five rounds of golf in them and are so in love with both the style and comfort, I just went last weekend and bought a new pair of PUMA running shoes.

So now we get into the technical side of everything. The Swing Crown GTX golf shoe is made up of Gore-Tex which is a waterproof and breathable fabric that is being used more and more in top of the line outerwear and shoes because of just how well is performs and how durable it is. It actually rained on us during one round and no where on this shoe did water leak to the inside. That is very important for somebody like me because most of my rounds are early morning when the ground is still damp. But the technical side everybody wants to know about are of course the “Smart Quills”. The technology behind it is fascinating, and I love the fact that they last for 2 full years if not longer. The “Quills” are positioned at different angles and facing different directions to actually aid your traction during a golf swing. The right and left shoes have these Quills in different spots and facing different directions. I love the idea and the tech behind it, but I question how it will work with left handed golfers. But for me (right handed) I thought the traction and support WERE actually superior to my regular spikes. In fairness to PUMA there is a lot more technology packed into this shoe, but I not sure I understand most of it. But the key points for me were the Gore-Tex and the Smart Quills. Both did extremely well.

Overall, I felt as though the PUMA Swing Crown GTX lived up to the hype that we heard at the PGA Show. The MSRP is around $275.00, so they are not the cheapest shoe out there, however if you are looking for that go to pair that has it all, you have to give these a strong look. Style, Comfort, and Technology make this one shoe that must be reckoned with. For more information on PUMA Golf products check out PUMA Golf’s Blog. Lots of great information there about all of their players and products.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. Puttin4Bird says:

    Man those are nice, good job on the review! The MSRP is really high, I’m not sure I could justify spending $300 on golf shoes, but in comparing the shoe with the adidas Tour 360 the prices are pretty relative I guess.

    I need a new job so I can afford these sweet shoes! Thanks for the review!

  2. Ryan says:

    I have a pair of these and the review is dead on. They are so light and they are totally water proof. Good review, thanks.

  3. style magnet says:

    Very cool review. I just found this site and it looks like you put a personal touch on each thing. Love the shoes, thanks.

  4. Jay bird says:

    I also have these and agree with the reviewer. I wish that I could change the spikes myself, but understand it.

  5. mr callaway says:

    I really enjoyed reading this one. I have always been a fan of FJ Classics, but the last few years were just a little out there for me. This could be my substitute.

  6. Dave says:

    not sure how those pro quills will hold up for people who walk a lot of rounds… nice looking shoe though

  7. MO_Hacker says:

    Good review JB, I really like all of the Puma apparel, I just wish they weren’t so pricey.

  8. Admin says:

    In our tests, we had two people walking with them and 2 riding. The walkers felt great and although we cannot tell how spikes hold up for the future, the pro at my club has last year’s par with Smart Quills and he has no problem with them at all.

  9. curious george says:

    Those are really cool looking.

  10. Muscle Golfer says:

    I bought these and really like them. They are comfy and extremely durable and well made. My only issue seems to be that of price and I still think for the money, I prefer my Ecco’s.

  11. amollerud says:

    I have just added a pair of puma golf shoes to my collection. They are quickly becoming my favorite pair. They are so light and comfy. Amazing shoes. Great review Josh!

  12. THE ECHO says:

    I have these shoes and love them.

  13. RocketSauce says:

    great review! wow, those soles look so cool!

  14. NotAFan says:

    I had last year’s model of this shoe and although I agree with the comments on style and comfort, i regretfully have to say that the SmartQuills will not last 2 years. I wore my Puma GTX for 6 months, played about 15 rounds in them and half the spikes have broken off and the other have are so weak now, that they are not able to grip the ground anymore. Again, since the spikes are NOT replacable, you’ll end up purchasing a new shoe in 6 months.

  15. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the review. I just purchased my first ever pair of Puma shoes, and I cannot be more excited about getting out there. They are so sexy and comfortable. It is very reassuring to me that the Quills have a 2 year guarantee. I look forward to playing!

    Thanks again

  16. Duchmil says:

    Thanks for the review. This is absolutely waterproof. Smartquills technology is top.

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