Puma X Malbon Golf Collection Review

Collaborations between brands are becoming more and more common in fashion and this trend is now making its way to the golf industry.  Puma and Malbon Golf have come together to create the Puma x Malbon Golf collection (or the Malbon Golf x Puma collection depending on where your loyalties lie or which of the two companies you visit).  In short, the Puma x Malbon Golf collection is designed to ease the transition from the course to the streets while keeping a stylish and retro look.  Puma’s website aptly sums up the intended market for this collection: “Individuals Only.”

Puma is no stranger to limited availability collections.  For example, Puma currently offers the “Volition” collection, which supports the families of fallen and disabled servicemen and women, and the “42” collection, which celebrates the 42nd Ryder Cup.  Puma’s collaboration with Malbon Golf aims to fill a void in the golf apparel market that is aimed at golfers who have a unique, hip, and fun style.

Enter Malbon Golf.  A “new” lifestyle brand founded in 2017 that has a massive social media presence and countless celebrities sporting the brand.  Despite only having a single store, Malbon Golf is poised to become an absolute juggernaut in the golf apparel space.   Seriously, take a look at the brands Instagram account “malbongolf” and tell me that something special isn’t going on here.

The collaboration of Malbon Golf and Puma makes a ton of sense.  Both appeal to a young demographic, appeal to people who want to stand out on the course, and both are known for high quality offerings.

Puma x Malbon Golf Suede G Golf Shoe

The Puma x Malbon Golf Suede G golf shoe was part of the 50th anniversary of the launch of the original Puma Suede, which is an iconic style and perhaps Puma’s most classic and recognizable shoe. The upper is made of blue suede and the outsole is very grippy regardless of surface thanks in part to a well-hidden set of spikeless grips on the outsole.  The Suede G is also advertised as waterproof for one year but I’m not sure about wearing these stylish blue suede out in the rain.  On-course, the Suede G was easily in the top three of the most comfortable golf shoes I have ever worn and the spikeless outsole worked well.

Not solely an on-course shoe, the Suede G is advertised as having “undeniable character and individual style delivering the perfect fashionable edge from the links to the streets.”  It really does possess the styling of the iconic Puma suede shoe and no one would know you are wearing golf shoes off the course.  To test these off-course claims, I wore the Puma x Malbon Golf Suede G to the office and they were immediately noticed and complimented, including one comment that they were very “hip.”  To my surprise, the spikeless outsole didn’t impact wearability and not a single person knew that the shoes were intended for golf.  The Puma x Malbon Golf Suede G squarely hits its target market and delivers comfort and quality that you would demand from a Puma x Malbon Golf collaboration.  The subtle integration of the Malbon Golf logo on the shoe was also a perfect integration into a classic while adding some flare.


Puma also sent the Puma x Malbon Golf crew socks and golf sweater.  While the Suede G will have more mass appeal because of the iconic design, the crew socks and golf sweater will have much more of the “individuals only” market.

The Puma x Malbon Golf sweater is solid navy blue with red and white.   The polycotton blend fabric has a high-quality feel, will keep you warm, and prominently and boldly displays the Malbon logo.  Unfortunately, the sweater was simply too warm to take on the course during the review period but it was very comfortable off the course.  If the Puma x Malbon Golf sweater appeals to your sense of style, you certainly won’t be disappointed in the quality.

Similarly, the crew socks are high quality, breathable, and are a well-cushioned pair of socks.  Adorned with a tropical theme and a classic puma slogan, the Puma x Malbon Golf crew socks will draw some real attention to your ankles.  Those of you with a strong “sock game” will certainly want to take a look at the offering.  In fact, these crew socks have a similar design as the knit button-up shirt if you want to go all in on the tropical design.  The quality of the crew socks is undeniable, although their design might call for careful consideration of the rest of your on-course attire because they will demand the attention of others.

The Puma x Malbon Golf collection is truly unique and caters to a market segment that doesn’t necessarily receive a lot of attention from golf companies.  The quality of the collection cannot be ignored and, as several pieces say, you are “One step ahead with Puma, for Puma does it the quality way.”  Check out more information on the Puma x Malbon Golf collection at: https://www.cobragolf.com/pumagolf/collections/malbon and https://malbongolf.com.

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