Pure Grips Review – A Solution For Golfers

Getting your clubs regripped. It is a necessary evil for those that enjoy to play or practice the game fairly frequently. The problem is that most golfers do not change out their grips nearly as often as they need to and because of that deal with issues of slipping, poor grip, and even bad ball striking because of it. Why do we put it off? Why go through the issues of poor play and bad grips? In my opinion, it can be directly linked back to two reasons. First, if you regrip your own clubs, it has been messy and a hassle in the past. Tape, solvents, and other tools all to get your grips on and off and make it work. As someone that has always taken the care to do their own clubs, I can tell you first hand that it was usually a chore in doing so, and not that it took hours to complete, just the hassle of going through it has always left me putting it on the back burner. Second, if you do not do your own clubs, the cost and time associated with paying someone to do them once or twice a year can be a real pain in the you know what. Dropping clubs off to a store, picking the grips, paying someone $2 per grip to put them on (+ the cost of the grip) only knowing you are going to be doing the same thing in 6 months is something none of us look forward to. Enter PURE Grips and a company that says they have a solution to all of the issues that I just described.

A System & Grip For Almost Everybody

PURE Grips Tools
PURE Grips is a grip company and we will get into the grips themselves shortly, but before we do so, we want to talk about the tools used to make this such a revolutionary product. First thing to go over is the air compressor. An air compressor is needed and used in the installation of the grips. If you do not have one, the PURE Grips technology will not be able to work for you, however before you stop reading, we can tell you that one person was so enamored with the process and system that he went right out and bought an air compressor because he knew in the long run, not only would he be saving money on the installation, but he would be able to get properly fitting grips when he needed them, with no mess or hassle at all. Air compressors can be as cheap as $40 if you find a nice sale and in the end, we recommend having one anyway (for numerous reasons). The second tool is the “gun” or PURE Custom Installation Attachment and it is threaded to fit just about every standard air compressor that you have or purchase. The gun itself is nice and sturdy and seems very durable and it comes with a green plastic attachment that fits right on the end. This is where the butt of the grip will be plugged into and it works very well in that regard. The PURE Custom Installation Attachment (gun) will run you about $35.

Being that PURE is a grip company first, they offer 5 different models that differ in style or feel. Rather than list each one here, you can read about each model they offer on their website catalog PURE grip page and see which one might be the perfect fit for you. Each PURE grip has what they call Injection Mold Technology and what that does is offer perfectly balanced walls of consistent thickness and no seams. According to the company, this advanced technology makes PURE Grips exceedingly well balanced, giving you an edge that exists with no other grip. The grips themselves are made of an interesting blend of rubber that seems to be incredibly water resistant. Testing in the humid conditions of Florida Golf during the summer left most of our testers with no slipping and solid feel throughout. As for the durability factor, THP has been testing these grips for months now and not a single grip is showing any kind of wear. We even put the PURE grips on all of our driver shafts at the recent THP Fall Golf Outing & Demo Day where they were hit repeatedly by 50 golfers over and over again and still not a single sign of wear. One thing is for sure, the company stands behind its product and the durability. They are the first we can remember that guarantees the grip to remain tacky and perform in all conditions for a full year. If you manage to wear one out before then, they will replace it free of charge.

The "Gun" Ready For Use

Most of the THP testers that tried the grips out were extremely positive, however there was one sector that was used to a certain style of grip that did not find what they were looking for from the PURE Grips selection. Those were golfers that are used to some sort of corded grip, they really struggled to find something that offered the same feel. However for the rest of the testers, the different styles seemed to work flawlessly.

Oh, the joys of writing this section of the review. What used to be a hassle or a pain due to time and money is now actually a whole lot of fun. While I could explain this until I am blue in the face, this simple video from PURE Grips, shows exactly how easy it is. I can tell you first hand, that this video has no trickery or anything else, the grips do slide on just that easy and come off just that easy. It takes a minute or two to get used to, and then you can do an entire set of clubs in minutes. In fact I did 17 driver shafts in less than 10 minutes before our THP Demo Day, without rushing at all.

PURE Grips Tapeless Golf Grip Installation Video from Wes Brasher on Vimeo.

A couple of things to note, we did this all without a vice and had no issues whatsoever, but we definitely recommend using one if possible. Tapeless installation means just that, no more tape or solvent to deal with, but we did try and build up a few grips with tape and once again, it worked perfectly. One question kept coming up during the review was whether or not you could install other grips using their installation gun and compressor. The answer is yes. It worked flawlessly, however we only recommend doing it with the PURE Grips without tape do to the injection molding they use to prevent slipping.

THP could not be more thrilled with our introduction to PURE Grips. From the quality of the grips themselves to the installation process and the ease of doing it yourself, they have a complete package winner on their hands. If you are an avid golfer, we definitely feel as though this is a complete system you should look into. Three things highlight the entire package that make it worth its weight in gold for any golfer.

1. The ability to keep fresh grips on your clubs without taking them in for installation or without having to do the install yourself using tape and solvent which can be a messy and time taking process.
2. The durability of their grips is outstanding in our opinion so far and has really exceeded expectations.
3. The enjoyment of being able to put the grips on and off (any grips) and fine tune in stretching, rotating, and more to get the exact fit you want for your game.

The grip is one of the most important aspects to the game of golf and with systems like this that make it tremendously easy, there is no reason why someone should not be able to perfect the art of regripping and find a perfect solution for their needs. For more information on the PURE Grips or the entire system, check out their website at www.puregrips.com.

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