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There comes a point in every golfer’s journey that they want to have something in their bag that is “just a little bit different”. Whether it be done by shape, finish, or stamping, being different brings a new light to equipment and is something that most golfers go through once or twice. Whether it be a putter that you want to stand out, or a wedge that needs to be a little more personal, customization allows you to take your equipment to the next level and stand out from the crowd. Recently THP scoured the industry for some places that “stand out” from the crowd in the work that they do and the personal touches that they take for you to have exceptional items in terms of look and style.

Of course customization is just one side of the services companies can offer. The other side being refinishing. Taking something old and making it look new again is an art form that should be left to the experts and the people at Putter Lounge have truly excelled in that area for some time now. Taking older pieces that are not quite ready for the “trash heap” and making them look as though they were just off the assembly line is an exceptional feat and one that the people at this company take very seriously.

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Putter Lounge Refinishing Guide
From the company
Time to refinish or customize your putter? From premium finishes to custom paint fill, we have you covered. We have summed up the customization process to 4 steps.

Step 1. Pick your desired putter finish. Options on putter finishes depend on the material of the putter. Carbon Steel putter heads are more receptive to custom finishes and Stainless Steel putter heads can have their limitations. If you have questions on what options are available for your particular putter, you can contact us and we would be glad to point you the right direction.

Step 2. Use the online order form to provide us details on your putter customization. With our online order form you can document the details of your customization including finish, paint fill, custom stamps, shaft and grip options. Using the online order form is the best method to ensure your putter is customized to your exact specifications. If you would rather talk to a putter lounge representative – we are here to help and would be glad to process your order over the phone.

Step 3. Ship your putter to us. Your putter is valuable, we recommend shipping with your trusted shipping provider. You will receive an order confirmation via email – we would appreciate you printing the details and including that in your package. If printing is not an option, we can look up your information based on the address you sent your putter from. We prefer you do not send your putter cover, and if you want to minimize your shipping costs we also recommend removing your putter head from the shaft to reduce the dimensions of your package.

Step 4. Receive your putter – make lots of putts. We will send an email when we ship your putter back that includes your tracking number.

Customer Service
There are quite a few places out there that do this type of work and one of the reasons that Putter Lounge is so high on our list is the customer service part of things. Let’s face it, sending your putter or clubs to a company you do not know is a hard enough task, but some places handle it better than others. Things we look for that make some companies stand out are:

Frequent updates
Ability to chat via the phone and not just email
Quick turnaround time

These three things really made Putter Lounge stand out as a place that is just fabulous to deal with.

Kia Ma that has been THP'ized

Quality of Work
All the great customer service in the world, would not make us want to deal with a company that was not competent in doing what we are looking for from the beginning. So THP sent 3 items to Putter Lounge to see what kind of work they did and in the end, came away completely thrilled. Two wedges and a putter were sent in and while we gave them some perimeters of what we would like to see, we left the ideas to the experts and what they came through with speaks for itself. Not only did the items come back as good as new, they have a certain flare that makes them stand out and us proud to put them in the bag for years to come.

Mizuno Wedge – A complete blue gloss finish with light blue and white paint fills and the “THP Collection” stamped into the back. A simply gorgeous piece that brings joy to anybody that has taken a look at it.

Taylormade Rossa Kia Ma Putter – Not only does the putter look brand new again, it has the beautiful black finish restored and the customization on this one runs deep. Pink and white paint fill throughout the putter and even the sightline as well as “Golf Gal” and “Morgan” stamped on the hosel.

Titleist Vokey Wedge – The wedge went in with a pretty boring finish and came out with a beautiful dark look to it. They even customized it with some THP lime green on the back in the stamping where they stamped the letters “THP”.

Mizuno Looking All Sexy Now!

We have dealt with over a dozen refinishing and customization companies in the past and Putter Lounge goes right at or near the top of the list. Their work was impeccable, their imagination is as big as you would like it to be, and the two most important factors for us are…

Their customer service was the best we have ever dealt with, and their turn around time was simply awesome. Nobody wants to send a putter in for work and then not get it back for 5-6 weeks, likewise, you want the company to keep you in the loop rather than you emailing each week wondering what is going on. Dealing with Putter Lounge made this process a joy and we look forward to sending more stuff to them for the “Putter Lounge Treatment”. Its like a day at the Spa for golf equipment. For more information on anything you have seen here or to see more examples of their work, check out their website at www.putterlounge.com.

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