PXG Adds “Troops” To Start 2016

Back in October, THP featured a story that was discussing the rumors flying around about Parsons Xtreme Golf signing players for the 2016 season. Yesterday, the company made it official with their hashtag campaign #PXGTroops.


While the stable is impressive and there are some names that will be at the top of leaderboards in 2016, the question THP is asking is, does this move the needle for the brand? A premium priced and marketed brand that has plenty of resource has a place in the industry, but will the modern golfer pay enough attention to those bags on the weekend on tour and decide that the high cost is of value to them as a player?

Time will tell, but it is certainly a good start with a stable of young hungry players with some major winning veterans sprinkled in.

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  • I do think these are very good Tour Pros to start especially on the LPGA side.

    The pricepoint of the irons though will keep these out of the hands of main stream golfers though.

    Also, I personally don’t find them “sexier”

  • It’s a solid group to start with for sure. I think you will see some success on the various tours, but for the average golfer they are priced out of trying out or tinkering with their offerings.

  • Looks to be Zach is going to be the lead dog for this group starting off with his 2 majors behind him. Billy H could snag that title if he starts to play the golf he did before. Will be watching for sure!

  • Thanks for the update THP.

  • I just don’t see this doing anything for them on the PGA side, great golfers were signed but golfers that are diminishing a bit on the radar. The LPGA side is pretty stout with a great fighter in Christie and the new faces of the tour with her, but the brand so far seems out of touch with one of the most common current issues with the game, Cost.

    Congrats to those that were signed

  • Zach Johnson and Billy Horschel, those 2 surprised me. I wonder if Zach will change from his SeeMore putter again, then go back to it.

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