Pyle GPS Golf Watch Review

Being empowered by exact yardage to greens has been an incredible aide to the accuracy and consistency of golfers over the past few years, and the introduction of the GPS golf watch provides convenience as an added benefit.  In for review is the Pyle GPS Golf Watch, loaded with features to benefit golfers at the press of a button.

From Pyle

The PSGF605 Golf Watch is the perfect watch for the golf lover, so you can just strap this watch on and start playing golf right out of the box. This watch has Global Positioning Satellite Technology so that it provides location and time information and automatically recognizes your favorite golf course. Courses preloaded so there are never any fees for the automatic course and hole recognition. It tells you the distances from the front/center/back of the green. It allows you to keep track of where you are on the course, the distance shot and your golf score so that you can review it at any time. All this information just by looking at your wrist will completely change how much you love golf and all you have to do is put the ball in the hole.

Click on each picture for larger image
Click on each picture for larger image
  • Pre-Loaded with Golf Course Information
  • Finds and Detects Closest Golf Course
  • Uses Space-Based GPS Satellite Positioning Technology
  • Calculates Shot Distance and Distance Front/Center/Back of Green
  • Detects and Records Players Information and Golf Score
  • Input Stroke Totals and Save Your Progress
  • Quickly View Your Round Score
  • Automatically Recognizes Golf Course
  • (Preloaded USA Golf Courses Data Built-in)
  • Clearly Displays Hole Number, Par Score & Stroke Info
  • Watch Comes Complete with USB Charger and Cable
  • Connects to Your PC for Easy Updates and Charging
  • Provides Location and Time Information
  • Has All Standard Watch Functions
  • Weight: .7 lbs.


Initial Setup

With the watch powered, a clock, date, power meter, and GPS signal can be easily seen.  Upon initial setup, operators can modify the time on the watch based on time zone through the setup section, which is quite easy to navigate.  Additional modifications to sound, measuring units, and language are also available for adjustment.


As the GPS watch industry expands for golfers, attention to style and detail are becoming a premium when seeking a golf watch.  The Pyle GPS watch is offered in black, grey, white, and blue, giving consumers a nice bit of variety in their selection.  The size of the unit is notably larger than a typical watch, but it was not obstructive in size or weight during a number of golf rounds.  Multiple rounds in the same day offered very little irritation from the unit, which speaks volumes for the strap and overall build.



Ease of compression is entirely personal, but the Pyle offered a nice amount of resistance when making selections.  This would most certainly remove the potential for unwanted selections during a round of golf.  Each corner of the watch face houses a button that is clearly defined for the user, which makes it easy to navigate through scoring on course as well as the holes and obstructions.



The longevity of the Pyle GPS Watch is quite good, with absolutely no concern of going dead regardless of how much time was spent on course during a given day.  The device comes with an incredibly easy charging clip that latches onto the watch rather than having to deal with USB ports, which was a very positive addition.  Time of charge is also quite good, with a nice visual indicator of status on the watch face.


On Course

Syncing to the satellite does take a number of minutes if the watch is coming from the off state, so remembering to power on the device while warming up for the round would be quite beneficial.  Once linked, users can easily find their course by selecting the ‘auto’ function, or searching manually.  Testing showed a preference to the ‘auto’ feature which did not take very long, as opposed to the manual option which listed all cities in each State for selection.

The Pyle GPS watch more often than not made hole changes seamlessly, however adjusting the hole is as easy as compressing the top right or bottom right button to change holes.  After each hole is complete, compressing the top right button initiates a screen for score input, which is then shown on each hole individually as the player continues his/her round. 


A feature that could be very valuable to the more conservative golfers is the layup screen.  Briefly pressing the bottom left button on the device brings up a screen that shows distances to 100 yards from the green, as well as 150 yards from the green. 

Changing to “O.B.” from the mode button during a round shows obstructions between the golfer and the green.  While there was some guessing involved on holes with a variety of hazards, it is a nice additional feature to the unit, and simply selecting the “ESC” button returns the golfer to the standard GPS screen.

GPS Display

There is no mistaking the Pyle GPS watch as a golf-related device during a round.  The display shows a green with a flag centered, offering distances to the front, middle, and back of the current hole.  While this is much more enjoyable to look at than three numbers on the screen, the hole graphic does not change based on each unique hole.  Testing suggested this was a positive for a visually pleasing interface, but a negative due to the size reduction for the actual distance readouts.



Testing was done on courses with sprinklers marked for distance as well as multiple GPS units alongside the Pyle, and it was consistently on par with expectations, and matching a majority of the comparison units.  Approaching a ball on cart takes only a few seconds to lock into the actual number, which is another great feature.

Parting Thoughts

Aside from the increasingly personal style-based preferences of golf GPS watches, testing of the Pyle showed it was consistently as effective as many of the GPS units available today.  With the ease of use provided by a golf GPS watch, users will enjoy hours of golf knowing their distances to the green and other obstructions along the way.  More information on the Pyle GPS watch can be found at

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