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We have heard the debates before. “They do nothing” or “They helped me like a miracle”, but do these things actually work? We were asked to take the Q-Link Challenge and by the end of this review, we hope to have some answers. When we were first contacted by the company to review this product, I immediately thought that they were in for a treat. I have laughed my way around the course many a times when I see guys wearing these things and swear by them. It seems as though every few years a fad comes through that gets a bunch of people asking “Does it work?” and after a few years they blow over and the people that swore by them realized they wasted some money. But none of those seemed to have the staying power as the Q-Link.

When the company called us and asked for us to cover it, I must admit I had a “devilish” grin on my face and was really looking forward to proving all of them wrong once and for all. After a few short days a package arrived and in the small little box was my very own Q-Link to try out along with some literature on exactly how great this device is.

Here is some info from the company:

First introduced on Tour in 1999, Q-Link® products by Clarus quickly found favor with many of the world’s best players, who recognized the game-enhancing benefits of the brand’s proprietary SRT-3 technology.

In the decade since, Q-Link products have been worn by more than 350 Tour players worldwide and played a vital role in 120 wins, including a British Open, U.S. Women’s Open, U.S. Senior Open and Women’s British Open.

To celebrate 10 years as the necessary and often coveted accessory of many top PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players, the company has added a new line of men’s and women’s golf bracelets alongside its existing range of world-famous pendants.


• Titanium Black/Polished Bracelets ($199.95 MSRP)
• Stainless Steel Bracelets ($129.95 MSRP)

• White or Black Pendant ($99.95 MSRP)
• Titanium Pendant ($239.95 MSRP)
• Polished Silver or Brushed Silver Pendant ($349.95 MSRP)


The SRT-3 technology central to all Q-Link products rebalances a person’s energetic systems, resulting in lower scores through:

• Greater energy and stamina • Reduction in symptoms of the “yips”
• Increased ability to focus • Faster recovery from bad shots
• Enhanced feeling of calm • Fewer first tee jitters

In addition to on-course benefits, the new Q-Link bracelets and popular pendants promote better overall sleep and alleviate symptoms of jet lag common among international Tour players, business and leisure travelers. They have also been shown to decrease the negative effects from today’s popular electronics, such as mobile phones and computers.

With all the technical stuff behind us, let’s get down to the meat and potatoes of this review. The testing and results. When I opened up the box, I realized that the pendant and strap were not connected so you slide the “rope” through the slot and presto, a necklace is made. You then tie it in the back. In all honesty, I would have preferred this to be already hooked up, because when I tied it, I found that there was a lot of strap left over, but I did not want to cut it until I figured out if I could use the device full time. But my pendant and necklace was assembled and ready to go but there is one step to take before you jump right into it.

The Q-Link Challenge is something simple to do and you can do it right at your computer screen. You log into the website and once setup a simple test of hand/eye coordination as well reaction time is performed. The Q-Link Challenge involves taking the test without the pendant and then again 14 days later once you have worn the pendant during that time. Here were my results in stage one.

Attention 90%
Motor Speed 68%
Global Performance 78%
Reaction Time 680ms

For 14 days I wore my Q-link. I wore it golfing, shopping, sleeping, and everything else we did. To be perfectly honest, I did not notice any difference. Other than I awoke scared out of my mind one night because I thought a bug was on me when in reality it was just the left over strap from the necklace.

So after my 14 days of wearing this thing, it was time to take the Q-Link Challenge again. This time while wearing the device and after I have been wearing it for 14 days. So I log back in and realize the test is exactly the same as the first test. So instead of having them “skew” the results to make it look better, I decide to take the first test again and see what the results say.

Attention 90%
Motor Speed 84%
Global Performance 82%
Reaction Time 620ms

As you can see I did better in just about every category. I still was a little unsure of what any of this meant and whether or not it had a little something to do with the fact that I had already seen the test once before. Regardless, I just decide to keep it on and wouldn’t you know my golf game got better. Did I notice a difference on the course? No, of course not. But my handicap went down while using this device. At the time I did not put two and two together, and am still not sold on the fact that the Q-Link had anything to do with it. However the proof is in the results. My USGA official handicap is online and people can see just what my scores have been over the last 3 weeks compared to before. It is only a stroke or two better, but it did go down with the pendant on. Between that and the Q-Link Challenge and I am pretty sold.

Overall the million dollar question is “Do they work?” and the answer is MAYBE. They worked for me, and I am the ultimate Closed Minded person when it comes to things such as this as many of our forum members can attest to. In some ways, what do you have to lose. They offer a complete 90 day Money Back Guarantee, so if it does not work, you get your money back. That is why we can with complete confidence recommend this device to everybody to try out. It worked for me (I think it did anyway) and may work for you. But you can try it and if it does nothing for you, return it for a full refund. For more information on the Q-Link, check out their website at Q-Link Products.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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Josh Babbitt


Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  • I have been on the fence about one of these and everybody just keeps saying they work. I may just have to try one with that guarantee.

  • I have used one for about 6 months now and swear by it. Even if it is just a mental thing, if it makes you think its working, then it is working isnt it?

  • JB That is preety cool. I currently wear magnets and copper on my wrist for pain. I never thought to try something to help me with the mental side of the game. Great review and nice job planting the seed in my mind about this product.

  • i style cannot get over the fact that I just do not like the way they look. Certainly, if there is benefits to using these, they can make something that is sight unseen or better looking.

  • It seems that you guys are the only group that reviews everything. I like that and it is why I check this site first for my news. Thanks.

  • I never used this before but I used Q-Ray bracelets for years for the same reason amollerud used the magnetic and copper bracelets. The Q-Ray appeared to work for me, I figure I may try this too.

    Wendy, you can wear it under your shirt to keep it hidden.

  • Wendy,
    Like Smallville said you can keep it hidden. Lorena Ochoa keeps it in her pocket.

  • I have always thought of it as hocus pocus and I am glad that a skeptic such as myself took the test and reviewed it. With the guarantee I may have to try one out.

  • I bought one and use it. Can you telll there is a difference? No. But I have been sleeping better since I got it.

  • Glad you reviewed this, I have the same mind set as you had about this type of thing. Interesting that your scores went down. Not sure I am sold, a little expensive, but interesting review, thanks.

  • Ive worn the other companies necklaces before, I guess ill ive this one a try too.

  • I love my q link. I thought it was hogwash too, when I first saw it. But my naturalpath convinced me to try it for three days (for free). And that sold me. The difference in my sleeping habits was immediate. My peace level was increased too. Calm reins in my emotions. Hell can break loose all around me, but I still have a sense of peace and a smile. I just can’t recommend EMF protection enough no matter which product you choose. And the Q link is a product that does work. I don’t know of anyone who has actually worn one for a while that doesn’t recommend it. Even my blood pressure went down.

  • I have been wearing one for about 2 weeks.
    1st day i felt different – more solid – more calm.
    After 2 weeks I began to fall asleep at work in my chair … ! I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

    I have had that before – I was looking for a cure – hence enter Q-Link.

    I took it off this morning before my shower and felt an immediate sense of ahhhhhhhhhhhhh relief.
    i’ll give it one more try as i know something is there – i had it tested by a friend. However i think it’s possibly evil. 🙂

    I also noticed I was giving away energy to others around me, esp kids … and from some I was taking it – it seemed to become very unstable after a while … perhaps i was fighting it somehow?

    I am a coeliac – and have been looking for something that would give me more energy. I also get sleepy when i drink coffee! PErhaps my body is just too screwed up for the Q-link to figure out what to do. When i passed it to a friend she said it was “adjusting” soo who knows.
    For me it didn’t work – it nearly destroyed me – thats my two cents.

    pls contact me if you have also had negative feedback – i have only found one other negative review.

  • Although, I haven’t got good idea of what Q-Link Challenge does, It wasn’t mentioned if the Q-Link Challenge was taken in the same conditions, at the same time the first and second times, and this can change considerably the results. If it is not said, then I have no choice but to accept that it hasn’t been done. I would recommend to redo the same test at the same time before wearing it, after wearing it, let’s say for 2 weeks, and then without wearing it for 2 weeks. It would be interesting to see the results.

  • ohmy god! I was falling alseep as usual at my desk – and i put the Q-Link on my foot! and then KPOW – my foot is BUZZING … and i’m awake as heck 😀 YESSSS

    I did this because my electro accupuncture guy said my lower half of my body is completely disconnected from my upper half … i intend to change this now with the Q-Link worn just under the sole of my foot 😀

    buzzing massage!

  • I am from Norway and getting the pendant tomorrow, just checking the review and posting to see if my post comes here too, because not sure if these are fake posts.

  • Sounds a little hokey to me.

  • I bought Q link (necklace) as a Christmas gift for myself. Wore it a month and noticed no difference. I do believe (maybe because of a pacemaker) that I am super sensitive to the cell phone, laptop, etc. Q link 3 seemed to make no difference in my sensitivity or overall level of well being. I do believe there is something to the theory, so maybe it will work for others.

  • I have had one for years now… Seriously can tell the difference after wearing it for a week.

    It seems soo silly but I have to believe it works.

  • According to the Q-Link website, your pendant should not be shared with others.

    Q: Can I share my Q-Link® Pendant with anyone?

    A: We recommend you do not. The Q-Link® Pendant is powered by the minute energy fields emanating from your body and after several days it becomes optimally tuned for your use only.

  • Ok, so I brought mine (a silver polish on Amazon for $180) a week ago and started wearing it 3 days ago. Now this is funny…..I am a compulsive swearer when driving on my own, I am always swearing at other drivers (not yelling out the window!) but I swear ALOT. I think this is very much my venting of the day! Anyhow, I just realized when driving home yesterday that I was surprisingly quiet, even singing along to a song on the radio. I haven’t had an oppourtunity to train as yet so performance wise I have no results to report back.

    What I can say is that this crazy little silver pendant has some how zen’d me out for the best! I’ll defiantly keep wearing it (for the benefit of other commuters)!!

  • I been wearing my pendant for nearly a week now.I thought i would give it a try because i have been having severe side affects since purchasing a cordless phone for my home.I have had severe ear pain and sinus problems plus a very dry mouth after using it.I noticed the pain occurred as soon as i started talking on the phone and i generally felt unwell.When i did some research and read about the q link and how it worked i thought i would give it a try, although i was skeptical, like alot of others as it doesnt come cheap.But immediately the dry mouth cleared up for the first time in ages and the pain in my ear as reduced significantly.I feel a lot calmer, (and i dont know if it has anything to do with the q link) but my appetite has reduced and i dont feel as hungry which will be a good thing as i could do with loosing a few pounds.All i can say is give it a try and see for yourselves.

  • I just purchased one on Amazon and am now worried that it is a fake. The main Clarus Q-Link site says that only Authorized dealers sell them on the wb – not on ebay or Amazon. Does anyone know how to identify the real from the fake? The model I got was the silver pebble. It sounds like the same one Diver commented on above. I wonder if it is the same seller?

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  • excellent review…fair and balanced. i have been wearing my black qlink pendant for a little over month now. it gives me a good boost of energy level daily, feel centered and grounded, clarity of mind although i do take anti-depressant pill. this little medallion is a god-send to me. i have never felt this good before until i started wearing this amazing and incredible pendant. to those who are still skeptical like i was before i urge to try this pendant. you have a 90-day return policy and you cannot go wrong buying one.

  • Chris,

    What do you mean its evil?, I saw one review from a guy who said the first one he brought made him calm etc but he lost it, the second one he brought made him go slightly crazy, he started swearing at people for no reason. I heard it could possibly contain negative energy from witchcraft or devils. Not sure though but it doesnt make sense as its not even powered by anything. And i read somewhere then when some tech guys opened it non eof the CCT’s were connected and the company said it was just for show, why have CCT’s on there, to confuse people?

  • I’ve used the QLink fior almost three years. I initially purchased it after I was not doing well following a surgery, even allowing ample time for healing. Within a couple days, I was doing better and my recovery completed. Notably, my previously frequent headaches are not rare. I also gave a QLink to my son who is ADHD. After about a week, his teacher noted that he is much calmer and agitated than usual. We also saw the same change at home. A 26 page white paper by biophysicist Beverly Rubik, PhD (University of California, Berkley) is available on QLink’s website. The paper notes the exact mechanism of the QLink is unknown, however the efficacy of the device is sufficiently established.

  • I meant to say my previously frequent headaches ARE rare. Sorry, I wasn’t wearing my glasses when I type the review.

  • I borrowed a QLink from a friend who tried it for one day and said it made her cry. Her daughter tried it for a few hours and she said it made her depressed. I had wanted to try. When I put it on I felt angry, later that day I felt nausea. I couldn’t sleep and took off and slept. Put it back on in the morning, still wanted to test it, Seemed strange that it would have such an immediate negative effect. I wore it all day and all night and slept well. It seems the negative side effects might have subsided. I am curious if other people can comment on the experience of the first day. The QLink website says I shouldn’t wear one that was worn by someone else. It seems silly to return this and buy another? Plus I don’t think my friend plans on keeping it if I don’t buy from her. Does anyone think or know from experience if it will make any difference? My frind only wore for one day I think.

  • I have mine just less than a week. it is the white pendant and from the first day I wore it, noticed the difference.
    I use anti-depression pills and have sleeping problem since few months ago, I have to sleep at least 9 hours and some days up to 11 hours to be able to wake up willingly and refreshed. before these few months, I used to sleep 7 max to 8 hours daily.
    first night of wearing Q-link I woke up after 8 hours by myself without clock alarm. I thought it just happened once but it happened again after 2 nights and last night also means 3 times in a week. I believe it is a good result and can be the effect of Q-Link. But there are other things as well, I can better deal with my work issues, I have a very challenging job as a programmer and need to do many discussion with my boss, also English is not my first language so normally when it comes to have a hard work related talk I try to do it by email and avoid talking or if I talk I try to not challenge much.
    Yesterday in the same situation, I had a good respond to the issue so my boss told me I am very different and good talker now and I should continue this way.
    I can see it as the benefits of having Q-Link because this sort of confident can’t be achieved over night and needs lots of energy. Today I am going to buy 2 more for my family.
    Thanks for the review.

  • I have worn a Q-link (so has my husband), as recommended by our naturopathic chiropractor,for almost 13 years! For us, it’s not so much a matter of short term effects, which are sometimes hard to tell, but a LONG TERM protection from all the EMF’s around us. (Cell phones, portable home phones,computers,TV, home electrical grid,etc.,etc.) We have had a very stressful life, and our faith is the primary thing that has helped us cope, but if the q-link has helped in some small way, then it is well worth the price. BTW,Ladies, I stuck a piece of velcro on back of mine,hide inside my bra!

  • I bought a blue one a while ago, wore it, felt great and tried a titanium one. I eventually destroyed the blue one to see what’s inside. It’s a plastic disk circled by very thin coiled copper wire. Are the crystals embedded in the plastic disk? Don’t know. I’m not sure there’s even a good way for the layman to test if they work. I guess it boils down to do you feel better? Then it works. Sort of like Captain Jack Sparrow and his jar of dirt.

  • […] Q-Link Pendant Review | The Hackers ParadiseApr 17, 2009 … April 28, 2009 at 4:18 pm. Ive worn the other companies necklaces before, I guess ill ive this one a try too. terilyn says: July 26, 2009 at 9:01 pm … […]

  • I bought one years ago, the version 2, I think. I have chronic fatigue. I can’t say it makes a difference, yet I wear it in case I’d feel worse without it. Mad woman! Now I wonder, having seen reviews that it’s a coil and a zero ohm resistor, unconnected! If I stand near a high tension power source does the coil induce current in my heart?! Not a nice thought. So if it works, I’ve no idea how. I think we’d see more stuff like this, rather than just Qlink’s promotions, if it really worked

  • I purchased one a several years ago. Like I usually do, I researched it afterward. The mind is a powerful thing, and if it thinks it’s being helped or protected, then it is, even if placebo.
    The passive nature of this device cannot actually do anything significant to help protect against EMF. EMF exists everywhere there is electrical current, and unless you are wearing some sort of neutralizing suit (fully enclosed), you are not being benefited by the Q-Link.
    Again, the mind can do wonderful things with just an idea. If the “idea” of being help, helps, then by all means, pick one up.

  • I was just curious to know does this pendant contain any radioactive materials? And if so are they at safe levels?

  • I received my QLink in the mail 4 days ago and have been wearing it for 3 1/2 days. My reason for purchasing it was because my Iridologist recommended it, because of all the electrical energy fields around me each day, and because of it’s calming effect, body balance, mind clarity, and to improve energy, concentration, and sleeping. I tried to keep an open mind, but I doubted the outcome. On day 1, I did feel a slight calming effect (I have an anxiety problem – always have), and more energy. However, I had a bad case of insomnia. I didn’t sleep two hours the first night. The 2nd day was even better, but once again, didn’t want to go to bed. My energy level increased to the point I cleaned out two rooms and loved doing it? On the 3rd day I could feel a higher level of energy, plus the continual calming effect, and I slept good last night. Today is the 4th day. I feel good; calmer, energy, clearer thinking, and I am able to balance while putting on my jeans. That was a real surprise to me. Now remember, this is the skeptic talking. I really didn’t think it would work. I feel now that everyday will get better until it reaches it maximum level. She also wears a QLink. Let me leave you with a thought – Carol also had me place a light wool blanket between my mattress and sheets. This was to deflect all the electrical appliances, and breaker box in my house. She also told me to wrap light wool around my laptop and Ipad when using them. I was very skeptic about sleeping on wool, but after researching, I found that wool actually keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Sometimes I get hot at night and I was fearful of the wool causing sweating. It doesn’t. You can research the benefits of wool yourself. Just thought I would share with you.

  • Just started wearing mine (bought one for my wife, and I); felt really nauseous today. Could just be a coincidence, but noted someone talking of also being nauseous in their post.

  • So ive had 2 of these as i lost one. I have been getting very strange dreams of many strangers when i wear it or have it in the house. I know this because when i take it off i still have dreams but if i lose it outside the home i dont get negative bizzarre dreams. I also was very negative and angry on the first day. My concerns are why i get really weird dreams indicating access to the spirit world when its in my house? 2 strange people in my dream on the forst day told me not be so religous lol (i pray 5 x as a muslim) I know quite a bit about the occult so know the difference. Im also getting lesbian abd other weird dreams btw i am definateky not a lesbian. Also the instructions say someone else cannot wear it… Why not its just a copper coil emitting a frequency!! This doesnt make sense to me and why cant we wash it or leave it in salt. I know spirits do not like salt. Its just copper coil it should not make a difference. Despite all that it does make me more focused and calmer in the day but the negative side effects are really bizarre.

  • Hi. Ive had a negative review….

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