Quagmire Men’s & Women’s Spring 2010 Apparel

Quagmire Golf is a brand we have reviewed several times over the past couple of years and season after season we keep coming back to their unique style. This Canadian based company knows just how to make golf and golf fashion fun. With fresh designs and playful colors this is a brand that is sure to make some heads turn. For their Spring 2010 line we have one outfit for the ladies and one for the men to give everyone a little teaser of what this collection has to offer.

Ladies Outfit:
Pink and brown seems to be the theme of this outfit and the two colors play off each other so brilliantly. With a flirty “school girl” style skort and colorful pink top this outfit is a great example of the Quagmire style.

Top – Foursome (Pink/White):
Pink is the dominant color in this top but the white accents really make this piece pop. At first look it appears to be completely button down in front but the buttons actually stop at the seam where the pink and white colors meet. I think that’s actually a pretty neat idea and opens the door to layering options. Made of 100% polyester the fabric provides great moisture wicking and cooling ability. Another incredible feature to the material used is Ultra-Fresh which is an antimicrobial protection to prevent odor and odor causing bacteria. Some ladies are concerned with trapped odors from moisture wicking clothes but that should not be a concern when looking at the Spring 2010 line from Quagmire. This top takes fashion and function to a whole new level with all the great technology and thought that has gone into it. For a bright addition to your spring wardrobe this would be a great choice. I find most tops by Quagmire to run true to size but if you really like that Euro (tight) cut it might not be a bad idea to go one size down. Sizes run from XS-XXL and is offered in three colors.

Bottoms – CartGirl (Brown Plaid):
This is by far the most unique item I have seen in all of Spring Fashion Preview, and I mean that in a favorite positive way. When I see this skort I think “school girl” with a modern day twist. Last year we reviewed a very similar skort that was heavily pleated and this has that same concept except the fabric is wavy instead of pleated. I am sure there is a better way to describe it but that is the best I can come up with. This fabric style is offered in shorts as well and does just the most amazing job of flattering a female figure. Another amazing feature to this textured look is the fact that it will never look wrinkled, so say good bye to your iron when wearing this piece. The plaid skort is made of 32% Polyester, 32% Ctn, 29% Viscose, 7% Polyamide and feels just incredible when worn. One of my biggest problems with skorts are the tight bicycle shorts that come with it, however, that is not the case with these bottoms. The shorts underneath are loose and comfortable and are not an issue at all when playing a round. Pink, yellow, and white are the accent colors in this brown plaid skort and match quite nicely with the top mentioned above. I did find this bottom to run just a little big so it might be wise to go a size down. Offered in three colors the sizes run XS-XXL.

Men’s Outfit:
Green and yellow are the key colors for this outfit. A beautiful shade of green paired with a wonderful plaid short make this a perfect springtime ensemble.

Top – NightHawk (Green):
This is a vibrant green color that stands out in a crowd and got an overwhelmingly positive response from people. Maybe it’s because it’s a similar color to the THP green but we just loved the bright shade. This polo is made from Quagmire’s gud ‘N Dri fabric which is possibly the most technologically advance material we have learned about. To quote the company “Quagmire’s Gud ‘N Dri is a new environmentally friendly fabric that is breathable, durable, fast-drying, soft, static free, wrinkle proof, pilling resistant and easy to deal with.” It also features natural anti-bacterial properties to help keep with odor protection. Besides having all the great technological elements this polo is soft and feels great on the body and our male testers were very pleased with both the look and performance. I was told that the polo did run a bit big so you might want to consider going one size smaller. This comes in five total colors and is offered from sizes S-XXL.

Bottoms – Choke (Yellow):
Plaid is very much a golf patter but Quagmire always finds a way to spice it up just a little bit. These plaid shorts have incredible sticking and the green stitching is slightly raised to add great texture and depth and of course an incredible pop of color. The fabric is extremely lightweight which was very much liked by our male tester who said that these kept him cool and comfortable through several rounds. These shorts are available in three colors and in men’s sizes 28-40.

The spring 2010 collection by Quagmire had a beautiful balance of quirky textures with simple solids. All the fabrics were fantastic and had a great balance of technology and comfort. The colors were both bright and subtle and really had a little something for everyone. For more information on Quagmire you can check out their website here. You can also find the ladies apparel for Quagmire at Golf4Her.

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