The Quick Six: Michael Vrska Joins Callaway Golf

For those that have been readers here for a while, or follow our THP TV spots, etc, you know that R&D and Equipment expert Michael Vrska has been a part of our content for a number of years now. He has helped so many THPers here with valuable information and last week we announced that he was taking his talents to Carlsbad, where it could be better utilized as part of the Callaway Golf team.

A number of readers asked for more details on what he would be doing, so here is another episode of The Quick Six. Everything you want to know, in six questions.

THP: Can you tell everybody what company you are going to work for?

Michael Vrska: Of course. I’m excited to say I am at Callaway Golf. There are many people I’ve worked with in previous golf companies here and several friends I’ve made over the years here as well. I’m confident it’s going to be great for me. And while I love Chicago, moving to Southern California won’t be too shabby for me and my family either.

THP: What type of role will you be in?

MV: My title is Director of Custom Fitting and Player Development. I will be working to educate consumers and drive sales in the short term and, more importantly, drive innovation in fitting in the medium and long terms.

THP: Fitting is such an expansive term, can you expand on what Callaway has plans for?

MV: Callaway already has some great and innovative fitting tools, but I’m not sure how well known they are because many are new. Honestly, I didn’t know about some of them before this opportunity came up. We need to better educate golfers and the industry on the current tools, gather meaningful resulting data and feedback and then build on what we learn. It’s only my first week so I’m going to need a little more time to figure what all that really means, but I and the Callaway team have an general vision for a significantly improved fitting experience for all players, for both clubs and balls.

THP: Can you discuss why you think fitting is so important and why everybody should get it done?

MV: I’ve said it before and I’m sure I will say it many times again… All players should get fit. Golf is a great game, but it’s not easy. The clubs and ball you use can and should help you have the most fun. Help you shoot your lowest score. Help you be the most consistent. Only properly fit clubs can do that. In fact, improperly fit clubs can make that harder to achieve. Ball fitting is important as well, but way under utilized. I’m hoping to help to change that in time.

THP: When will THPers start to see your impact or voice in the Callaway fitting model?

MV: Callaway already has a lot of great minds working on fitting and while I am very confident I will help the process, I want to make sure we do the right things, make good data driven decisions and ultimately help the every day golfer in a meaningful way. So I think I can make a positive impact quickly, but we are not in a hurry and I’m not sure the person going to get fit will see my input right away but we do have big plans. Still, we have great people and tools now and will get more, new and improved fitting tools and processes to the market as soon as they can be. Stay tuned.

THP: What do you think your newest WITB will be?

MV: I’ve loved the look of the Apex Pro irons since I saw prototype pics of them awhile ago. I’ve hit them and and am a big fan and know the technology in the Epic Flash woods is truly world class. The PM wedges will be exciting to test too. I’ve been using Chrome Soft X balls with Triple Track for a couple months and love them. With that said though, I’m going to do what I preach, which is go in with an open mind and let the ball flight data drive the decision making for what goes in my bag. But I’m going to have a new, full bag of Callaway clubs very, very soon and I could not be happier about it.

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