Recap – 2013 Ohio THP Invitational Series Event

The 2013 THP Invitational Series continued this past weekend with the 2nd event of the year. The THP Tour Van made its way to Cincinnati, OH for a great day of testing equipment and team tournament sponsored by Cleveland Golf. The entire event was the perfect way to continue the new season and when the dust settled, we have champions that will have their names added to the THP Events Hall of Fame.

To see a recap of the Invitational in Ohio, and all the pictures that go along with it, click here.

To find out if the THP Invitational Series is coming to an area near you, click here.

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  • Incredible time! Thanks JB, GG and Cleveland Golf!

  • Had an awesome time! Thanks so much THP NDMC’s Cleveland Golf!

  • And not NDMC’s stupid auto correct. Still had a blast.

  • THP members in the Ohio area and the area surrounding are absolutely incredible. Add in The THP Tour Van, along with an incredible sponsor in Cleveland Golf, and you pretty much guarantee a great time.

    Also, those wedges looked incredible. Zeng/J, you guys are lucky (and awesome!).

  • Big thanks to THP, the organizers, and Cleveland golf!

  • Fantastic event. Really glad I made the trip. Thanks again to Clevelanf Golf and THP.

  • This met the high standards that THP is known for. Thank you THP, Cleveland and everyone that helped organize this fabulous event.

  • Thanks for the Great Time THP & Cleveland Golf

  • Another great Invitational by The Hacker’s Paradise. Mike & Dan did great legwork to set it up, while JB & Morgan got Cleveland on board to sponsor the event. Free balls & hat for all; free wedge set to both of the winners!
    If you like golf & golfers, put an Invitational on your calendar!

  • Thank you JB, GG, and Cleveland Golf for an awesome time! This was my first THP invitational and definitely not my last! Thanks to MikeDean as well for helping get this organized!

  • Looks amazing! Glad everyone had a blast!

  • Had a great time, Thanks again JB, GG, and Cleveland/Srixon!

  • Ohio brought it again!

    Thanks to Cleveland for the great sponsorship.

    Thanks to the event organizers, JB and the lovely GG for putting it all together.

    And congrats to the winners, Zenger and Bullfrog!

    Another successful event in the books.

  • Great time with lots of THPers!

  • Looks like an amazing time was had, kudos to all that made it out there for another THP event!

  • The THP Ohio Invitational sponsored by Cleveland Golf was a total smash. Shot my lowest round of the year with a 90. hehe (2nd round of the year) To all the THPers I played with and met; it was an honour. The 1400 miles traveled was totally worth it and I’ll do it again to play with any THPer(s). Oh yeah, we made it back home safely. It’s late and now going beddie bye and dream of the next huge event. You all be well and hit ’em straight.

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