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There are a lot of different types of grips on the market and putting new grips on each season should not involve a major expense or being without your clubs. A lot of discussion as of late about different methods to accomplish this, so THP wanted to go to the experts and hear what they had to say on the subject.

Here is Bruce Miller from Golf Pride giving a step by step instruction guide on the best way to put on new grips and why some applications could be quite harmful instead of helpful. Everything from removal of the old, to proper alignment is discussed and shown in detail.

Shot in 4K so THP Recommends Full Screen Viewing

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Josh is the Publisher of The Hackers Paradise and co-founder of THP Media with his wife Morgan Babbitt. Together they share a passion for golf, and they travel the country along with their two dogs in the THP Tour Van bringing their love and knowledge of the game to golfers everywhere.

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  1. Alex B says:

    Great video – i liked the difference in gripping a regular grip and cord grip as well as the reasoning behind solvent vs air.

    PS I want Bruce’s shirt.

  2. Nate says:

    Great video and the timing was perfect for me. Starting to get some things for my workshop in the garage to make sure I install grips the right way. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Hackernation says:

    Nice video, just in time for my grips on my irons to be changed.

  4. Scrap iron says:

    I’m that guy who has twisted grips. I should just get someone to do them for me.

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