The Classroom: How To Reshaft Golf Clubs

One of the most asked questions about golf club work is how difficult is it to reshaft golf clubs, specifically a driver with an adapter. THP TV went right to the experts at UST Mamiya to have them show a step by step guide to reshafting a driver, and these instructions can be used to reshaft any golf club.

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  • Great and very easy to understand information from Danny.

  • Great video! Danny is a true Pro when it comes to
    Club work.

  • Great video. Thanks for the insight.

  • Seeing Danny do this first hand is pretty cool. He treats every club like it’s his own. Really fun to watch and learning a lot. Great video on the process.

  • Danny does such a great job at explaining how he goes about building clubs without making it seem too overwhelming. Hands down the best club builder I know, I may be biased though;-)

  • Danny’s tip about putting some epoxy on the end of the shaft before putting the ferrule on is something I never thought of and definitely made it go on easier.

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