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Wouldn’t the world be great if there was a one stop shop for everything women’s golf? Where we could find unique fashions and at the same time have customer service that is not only great, it is the best around? Well, what started out as a pipe dream became a reality in the last month. I have found the mecca for all things “lady golf”.
About a month ago I was on vacation in CA and strolled into a unique golf store. I was greeted warmly and within seconds realized I needed to be pinched because I thought I had died and gone to heaven. If heaven is up there, this golf store is it for the woman that is fashionable minded in realm of golf. I was quickly overwhelmed, but with the wonderful expertise of the staff brought back down to reality. This was my NEW store. I decided that through this site, I had to do a review.
Let me give you golf fans a background on this company. Karen Can’trell Eckert started this company based on the fact that she had a group of women that just could not find high quality golf apparel and sports wear. Karen has held the position of Vice President for WIGI – Women In The Golf Industry, during the 2004 and 2006 term, she is a premier member of the EWG – Executive Women’s Golf Association as well as being a member and officer for the Fashion Group International Desert Communities for the past 10 years. Her vision and conception of what this store would and should be, became her baby.

Will you find Nike, adidas, etc… in this store? Most likely the answer is no. What you will find is a huge selection of “bridge” clothing. Clothing that “bridges” the gap between golf apparel and everyday wear. One thing you will notice with this store compared to many others out there, is unless you are into fashion, you might not recognize the brands. (thats a good thing). You will not find the same stuff here that you will see at a Dick’s Sporting Goods. I asked why that was, and the answer was simple. “QUALITY!” Karen travels the world to find what she considers the best sportswear out there. Both in style and comfort, and of course how the product is made. No longer just worn on the course, fashions found at Lady Golf easily make the transition to everyday apparel. Offering a vast selection of AMERICAN and EUROPEAN Designers including: BOGNER, ESCADA, ST. JOHN SPORT, POLO by RALPH LAUREN, LILLY PULITZER, TAIL, THE CHOICE TO WIN, APRIORI, SPORTALM, ZANELLA, GOLFINO, DAILY SPORTS, LACOSTE, AUDREY TALBOT, IZOD, SPORT HALEY and many other top brand names. A quick browse through their website will show even the fashion novice how wonderful their stuff really is.
But this is where this store differs from all of the others I have encountered. I did not know about most of these lines and how they fit. One phone call to the store and it is like having a personal shopper. I found that each person I spoke with had an incredible wealth of knowledge and was able and willing to help me regardless of how clueless I sounded.
I know this review may sound like a bit of an infomercial or a longwinded rant. I can assure you that it is only because I truly believe in the store and the products that are carried. So after dealing with “heaven” I decided to sit down and speak to the woman behind this store.
A couple of things quickly became apparent when speaking with Karen. One, she does not play golf. When I asked her why? The answer was very good, “I have no time for golf, I am too busy dressing golfers!”. We spoke about the type of person that would shop at Lady Golf. Karen is in her element discussing these subjects and told us “I think the person shopping here is a confident woman that wants to portray sophistication on and off the course.” I strive to be that person some day and think this store will get me there.
I want to add one last thing to this review before ending it. As readers have come to expect with my reviews, they are not always positive. I get tons of feedback each week from fans asking where to shop. I never give endorsements on stores. I have always told them to speak with an expert and get something that is comfortable and classy and will last for years to come. I found that EXPERT for all of my style fans to speak to. THE EXPERT IS LADY GOLF! Please do check them out at or contact them toll free at 1-888-215-5855

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