Review: Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver

Are Tour Edge and their Exotics lineup becoming a driver company?

If you have been paying attention to the past few releases like the Tour Edge Exotics EXS 220EXS Pro, and C721 which we have reviewed in detail here at THP, then you know that the above question has got a lot of merit. 

As someone who has had the fortune of being the one reviewing those drivers and put a couple into the bag, I was excited to see just where Tour Edge might go this year as the decision to split the lineup into two different parts (“E” and “C”) based on what they learned from their Hot Launch offerings seems to be a savvy one. When we received the new C722 in for full review, I was even more excited. 

Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver

Quick Take

The C722 driver still stands out visually with Tour Edge’s unique Ridgeback design, but this iteration finds a much cleaner, traditional, shaping and 445cc profile that is a more polished visual than anything we have seen from the company to date. It also offers eye opening playability with an evolved and expanded Diamond Face and two adjustable weights that actually work. This goes toe to toe with the biggest named “better player” drivers out there and holds its ground. 

Evolution of a Design

The C722 is obviously the follow up to the C721 which wowed golf reviewers everywhere for both being different than the rest and performing as good as anything on the market. Well, it is a follow up…but it also isn’t. 

As mentioned, Tour Edge has split the 722 releases into two parts. On one side, the E722 which is the everyman’s (or everywoman’s) club focused on maximizing playability, launch, and forgiveness. The other is taken up by the C722 and the creation of clubs which even the most discerning and demanding “better players” out there enjoy hitting and looking at as it checks the boxes of versatility and performance. 

Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver diamond face

The C722 is deeper faced than its E722 sibling and comes in at 445cc rather than the 460cc of the E. Additionally, there are two moveable weights in the C722 that are centered in two ports on the sole allowing for front and back adjustability. The weights are 5g and 20g and according to Tour Edge they not only shift the MOI from 4400 (front) to 4900 (back), but in their testing can result in a +/- 300 RPM change…but more on that soon. 

Ridgeback is still present, and its still going to be a love it or leave it kind of thing, although they made it 20% thinner this year and at setup it looks much cleaner, and with the 445cc size the overall package to my eyes is much more polished and finished than the C721. Not only does the redesigned Ridgeback allow for more carbon fiber wrap around to offset 26% of the titanium weighting in the crown and sole which allowed Tour Edge to further tune the CG than they could in the previous version, but it also connects to a sole with more rigidity making for more speed efficiency. 

Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver crown and alignment

Add in the next evolution of Diamond Face which extends out to the edge of the face and uses 61 diamonds in 7 thicknesses compared to only 43 and 7 in last years release and you have a lot to wrap your head around design wise. But does it perform? 

Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver

I received the C722 driver in 9.5 degrees and it was paired with a Project X Riptide which I played previously in the C721 and EXS Pro drivers before, so the familiarity was there for me to really dial in on how differently the head performed. 

Tour Edge Exotics C722 Driver weight placement

As mentioned, visually this one is much more finished looking. The finish appears cleaner and of a higher quality and the overall engraving on the sole looks like it belongs. This is the kind of visual that will stand out in a store and on a rack, and that is precisely what a company like Tour Edge needs. Some still won’t get over Ridgeback, but with the traditional shape and compact nature of the 445cc is looks quite good. 

The moveable weights that are available

At impact, the C722 is unique, but so too was the C721. There is nothing else out there with this type of mix and application of carbon fiber joining forces with titanium and it is because of that the sound/feel is so different. Rather than the pure carbon “crack” you expect with this much fiber in it given the wings from crown to sole, you are instead met with metallic meets solid. It has a little resonance to it, and it will turn some heads, but it isn’t what I would call loud. It is unique. 

I worked the driver out both on the course as well as a Foresight launch monitor to see just what was going on with the head, particularly when the weight was shifted. The data for heavy forward, and heavy back, are below:

What does it all mean? Simply put, that the C722 does what Tour Edge has designed it to do. 

As you can see, I saw a 534 RPM average difference from the weight being moved, that is more than the 300 RPM which Tour Edge claims, and honestly it was pretty eye popping for me. More than the spin, what stood out was how the flight itself changed almost entirely, with the peak coming way down when the 20g was forward given the almost 1-degree change in launch and much lower spin. The other thing that might stand out is the speed, but this is exactly what moving more weight low and forward does, it adds ball speed potential. 

While all the data is fun to dive into, it is the actual on course experiences that always lead to the final verdict for me. The C722 is without a doubt the most stable 445cc driver I have hit, having played the EXS Pro which was also a smaller head for an entire year, that doesn’t even sit in the same realm as the C722 for stability and forgiveness. This remains a very neutral to slightly open head at setup, but I was still able to release the club easily and turn the ball over as I wanted or hold it off and hit that tiny fade. But it was on the extremes of the face that it became clear Tour Edge did its homework, and Diamond Face is absolutely one of the best performing face designs out there. 

Once again, the Exotics lineup is standing up, and standing out, even in a year which has arguably the best performing driver lineup from top to bottom, maybe ever. It is clearly a lower spinning setup which has some demand to it, and as such it won’t fit everyone, but if the C722 driver doesn’t check the boxes you need then perhaps a look at the E722 will let you find what you are looking for. Either way, well done by Tour Edge on this one, their run most definitely is continuing. 

The Details

Available: Now 

Price: $429.99

Lofts: 9.5 and 10.5 (RH and LH)

Adjustability: +/- 2 Degrees

Shaft Options: Fujikura AIR Speeder, Fujikura Ventus (Red/Blue), Mitsubishi Tensei AV RAW (Orange, White, Blue)

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