Rickie Fowler – THP TV Interview

THP TV had a chance to catch up with PGA Tour superstar Rickie Fowler and sit down with him for a few minutes and discuss life on tour.

In This THP TV Interview
How has social media impacted your career?
How have you embraced the role model side of being an athlete?
Do you get involved with setup of your equipment?
What characteristics do you look for in your ball flight?
And so much more.

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  • Nice job with the interview Freddie, was cool listening to him talk about who he looks up to and then the different topics of equipment and getting it dialed in. Very laid back guy that I would enjoy seeing more success from!

  • Awesome interview Freddie.

  • Freddie is awesome. Great job with the interview. Rickie really seems like a nice guy and down to earth which was nice to see. And we can all take a lesson from him playing the same shaft for 8 years. If it aint broke don’t fix it!! HAHA

  • Awesome interview, Freddie you rock. Really cool to get to hear Rickie on a variety of topics. Well done!!!

  • So cool you got to do this Freddie Kong! And to top it off you are freaking good at it! Well done.

  • Way to go Freddie. Another good interview. He seems pretty comfortable in his celebrity in a good way. I liked the part where he thought it was cool that parents LET their kids look up to him. Like it MATTERS to him that they would do that.

    Nice level of maturity for a young man.

    Well done FK.

  • Love that this wasnt an interview that had everything to do with golf. Loved it Freddie. Nice job.

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