Rory McIlroy Signs with Nike & Brings Some Friends With Him

A couple of weeks ago, THP discussed the rumors floating around about one of the hottest players in the world, joining the Nike staff.Well today, it appears as though where there is smoke, there is fire as McIlroy signs a Nike deal and shoots his first commercial down in FL. The bigger news might be that he was not alone.

Yes, Tiger Woods was there shooting the commercial, but joining the two huge stars was Nick Watney and Kyle Stanley, who it appears have also joined the Oregon company. The question being posed are similar ones that THP hears with each major signing.

Could there be more to follow?

Nike has increased their staff of golfers quite well with these moves and you should see quite a few more staff bags on Sundays with the iconic swoosh featured.

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  • Very impressive signings by Nike, I like where they are headed with this!!

  • Very cool. I think that’s some great moves for Nike. Rory is world number 1, Watney is a solid player and KS had a breakout year.

  • Great gets by Nike and I am curious to see this commercial.

  • Nike is backing up the cash trucks

  • I can’t wait to see the commercial too!

  • Big signings for Nike. Might see quite a few wins for the brand next year.

  • I can’t to see how he fares with their equipment.

  • Boom, how awesome!

  • I think it’s great that Nike is reloading with some young talent.

  • This is nuts. Freddie good word- reloading. They have a whole new arsenal!!

  • This is nuts!! & so awesome! I can’t wait to see all their new gear!

  • It’s a big gamble for Rory giving up the quality of Titleist clubs and the not to the mention the golf balls. Hopefully he has done his due diligence and tested a lot of the Nike equipment.

    I’ve never used Nike equipment before so i’m not in a position to talk about whether it’s any good.

    I’m interested to hear of anyone who has switched from Titleist to Nike or any other brand and found improvement or no improvement?

  • I knew Rory was a done deal! Like Nick & Kyle Stanley too!

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  • Troy; Just have to look at a little history. Nike equipment was with Tiger for the duration of his run as world #1 and he’s still gaming their gear today. Nike certainly has enough capital to maintain a very aggressive R&D program for their golf equipment.

  • those are great signings for nike!

  • I think it’s cool as all get out and I think that it shows that Nike is serious about the sport of golf and making the best equipment possible. I’m stoked!

  • I wonder how many more Nike will be adding, Can’t wait to see what the marketing will be!

  • Big news!

  • BIg play by Nike!! Rory will help them greatly and Nick and Kyle will also help build up the brand.

  • I really love these signings for Nike. Big offseason for them

  • Let’s hope that he adjusts to his new clubs quickly!!!

  • Obviously Rory is the big move but the ‘smaller’ moves are just as important for Nike

  • HUUGE!

  • Nike is awesome and I am excited to see where the sporting world’s greatest marketer takes this!

  • It was inevitable really wasn’t it. Number one golfer was always going to gravitate to the number one sports brand!

  • I just don’t see Rors switching from those Titleist blades to any Nike’s. And I KNOW he won’t change balls. I hear alot that they just play rebranded stuff (Miura or Titleist with a swoosh on it). I wonder if that will happen here. When Graeme Mcdowell changes balls it took him out of the picture for a year.

  • This is so bad for the game, nike has nothing to do with golf, bad stuff and no sense of style and tradition…

  • […] month ago THP had a story about Nike signing the world’s number one player and bringing some friends with him. Today at a huge press conference, Cindy Davis, President of Nike Golf, made it official and both […]

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