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The rumor has been going around for months. Rory McIlroy will be signing on with Nike Golf for the next 10 years for a reported 25 million per year. It is, like most internet rumors, not based on facts, but rather speculation. That however does not mean it is not true.

The timing certainly fits as the #1 golfer in the world, and one that many call the next big thing, has some open ended items that are expiring at the end of this year. The 23 year-old’s current deals with Titleist and FootJoy are coming to an end and that has brought the onslaught of rumors to begin swirling.

McIlroy was asked about the rumors recently and had this to say.

“These rumors have been going around for years and it seems to always come up at this time of the year … I leave it up to Conor to sort out as it leaves me to concentrate on my golf.”

So that leaves the question open and one that if nothing else, is fun to ponder. What do you think? Rory to Nike?

Join us in the THP Forum as people debate this topic.

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  1. Michael Dean says:

    Yep, I think it will finally happen, especially with the status of his current deals

  2. JeffReedMO says:

    I think it happens and soon.

  3. DevRickus says:

    I think it would be a good move for Nike but maybe not so much for Rory. He is already referred to as “The Next Tiger” now he will be on the same staff as him. May get a little awkward depending on how TW chooses to receive it.

  4. Damaikis says:

    I sure do think he’ll go to Nike.It just fits too well. Tigger and Rory are starting to become good friends, Rory seems to really be coming out as the best player on Tour by a lot. It will just be huge for Nike if it happens, and I think they’ll do whatever they have to to go out and get him.

  5. Canadan says:

    I guess it depends what he’s focused on.. If his current sponsors pay out decent money, why risk switching everything in the bag?

  6. Golf Ghost says:

    Really don’t want to see this happen. Not because I have anything against Nike, but like how Rory is a little different by wearing Oakley and whatnot.

  7. Seth says:

    I believe this will happen. There is way too much smoke not to be fire and now that it is on the Tour Spot, I believe it even more. I truly expect to see an announcement within a relatively short time frame. I hope it happens.

  8. Oregon Golfer says:

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out. It could show how much OEM’s value top talent and how they can bring a return on that investment. With all the good young talent on tour right now it will be interesting to see how much 1 player can be worth.

  9. Cookie says:

    This “rumor” has been going around for a bit too long to not have some validity or discussions that have been had. And now that Rory is doing the “talk to my management, I just play golf” thing, it leads me to believe that it just may happen.

  10. Puttin4Bird says:

    I don’t know if it will happen or not but it would be sure smart of Nike. While not having the biggest stable of golfers they could potentially have the 2 biggest draws in the sport (as well as world #1 and #2) in Rory and Tiger. If it doesn’t happen it will not be because of a lack of effort on Nike’s part.

  11. blugold says:

    Sounds like Rors went to the Nick Saban school of rumor handling.

  12. thetopdogg says:

    I think it probably will. With Tiger and Rory going to lunches and hanging out and whatnot why wouldn’t you think that they may become teammates for Nike? Plus with the contracts with Titleist and Footjoy coming to a close the time is right.

  13. Freddie Kong says:

    I am no expert but that was a poor attempt at deflection by Rory. If he was not leaving or seriously concidering it he would have said no. The fact that he isn’t deneying the claim tells me it will happen.

    Nike has at one time or another always had the number one in many sports under contract. This just seems to be right since TW is on the south slope of his career.

  14. tnolan says:

    this is interesting…
    i would think he’d stay put, but what do i know…

  15. ole gray says:

    Naw since I was at one time an equipment insider, my thoughts are that he will rise to be the chief snake charmer :o)

  16. JT723 says:

    I think if the price is right, Rory will move. I can’t see him not moving for $250 mil. Money talks.

  17. One-T says:

    wow…10 years at 25 per year. Rory would be a fool to not do this.

  18. coolbreeze says:

    Yes, He will be Sir Rors Swoosh.

  19. Mr. Satchmo says:

    I think it would be great if this happened to Nike and Rory, in my opinion he would make a great ambassdor

  20. Custom Method says:

    It will. I don’t want him to though.

  21. jjmorris says:

    Yep! Can’t wait

  22. StanTheCaddy says:

    I say he makes the move. If this is true, that’s too good of an offer to pass up.

  23. dhjkelly says:

    I don’t think he would bring to Nike what Tiger has

  24. Gianna1025 says:

    I think it would be great for both parties! Win-Win-Win!

  25. FrankA says:

    I don’t really play titleist or Nike equipment/balls, and really don’t like a lot of their golf apparel.

    This effects me in no way, but I do hope it leads to better apparel options from Nike.

  26. Trout Bum says:

    I love a juicy tour rumor and this one is huge! I would be lying if I didn’t secretly wish that he was going to pass on the money and continue to play the gear that brought to the forefront of the golfing world, but in the end it’s like everything else, Ca$h is King.

  27. pmoa says:

    Nice! He will probably have those Titleist clubs all stamp with Nike swooshes

  28. smallville says:

    That’s a load of money.

  29. 2shoes says:

    I would tend to agree with some that say…when an athlete begins to side step the question and pawn it off to management…somethin’ bout to happen.

  30. Sharkwrestler says:

    I’d like to see Rory continue on with Titlelist and FootJoy.
    Hopefully a deal can be forged and put these rumors to rest.

  31. Troy Vayanos says:

    Yes I heard about this months ago online. To have the likes the Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy at the same brand would be quite a catch for Nike. Not sure though if Tiger would be happy sharing the spotlight.

    Will be interesting to see what unfolds with this story.

  32. Mo Mo says:

    Great Move for Nike if its happens!!!

  33. Abercrombie says:

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