Ryo Ishikawa Signs With Callaway Golf

Callaway Golf has a lot of things going on it seems and one of them is expanding their tour staff. It appears as though they may have done just that and grabbed a player with a huge upside and star power in Ryo Ishikawa. Ryo has made major news over the last few years and has as much upside potential as anybody playing professional golf.

The THP Tour Spot has recently learned that this young superstar will be the latest major move in this offseason as he will be signing with Callaway Golf. As you may remember, last week THP interviewed Harry Arnett from Callaway Golf and he mentioned the expansion of their tour staff. During the same time, Callaway has hinted at a major signing through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

It appears as though that major signing will be none other than Ryo Ishikawa and THP believes this is the perfect player to add some youth movement to their stable of golfers.

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  • this could be a great partnership. The sky is the limit for Ryo. Just finished his first full year on tour. He has tons of appeal over in Japan and that region.

  • Nice signing for Callaway and Ryo.

  • This is pretty cool.

  • This is a HUGE signing for Callaway, not really for the US markets, but for Asia…Ryo is a humongous star in Asia and this will help Callaway immensely in that area and will bring loads of fans. Fresh young talent for a fresh start at Callaway.

  • I really like Ryo and his youthful no hold bard attitude. Plus the kid can flat out play! Very cool that Callaway get a shot of cool in the system!

  • Good signing but I expected more to be totally honest. Ryo’s big in Asia and I’d love to see him reach his potential though.

  • Great move for Callaway, I hope he has great success.

  • What a great signing by Callaway. A young rising star with so much upward potential it’s not even funny. I see huge things for Ryo and for Callaway with this signing.

  • very exciting, glad to see another addition to the callaway roster

  • Cool move by Callaway, Ryo is an exciting up and comer in the game with a ton of game.

  • It’s great to see Callaway reach across the Big pond and add Ryo to their staff. Perhaps we’ll see more of Ryo on USA soil in the future.

  • I think this is a great signing for Callaway. While he isnt THAT well known in the US yet, thats what they have Phil for.

  • I really like this signing, Ryo does indeed have a huge upside and will be a great representative for Callaway Golf.

  • I like this, Ryo has been impressive when playing in the U.S. but I know that he has enormous potential in the APAC region and will likely be used there tremendously by Callaway.

  • A great signing for callaway, Ryo is a great young golfer. They are adding to their stable for sure!

  • This is an awesome movement by Callaway. The potential in the world market for this kid is amazing.

  • A great move by Callaway in my opinion. Ryo will be a great ambassador

  • I like it….good for Ryo!

  • I think this is a huge huge move for Callaway in the global market. I really like this signing.

  • This is a great win for Callaway as Ryo is such a big name in world golf but particularly in Japan.

    It will raise the already large profile Callaway even more so with Ryo using these clubs.

  • Merci de partager ce qui contribue à libérer, il est très intéressant de lire vaut la peine, j’aime votre style d’écriture, de le briser. Maintenir la divulgation de cette information.

  • If this guy gets serious about winning he will compete for the #1 ranking spot.

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