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Over the last 12 months THP has learned a lot about SeeMore putters and why they have so many avid users. Back in May of this year they won our Huge Putter Shoot Out that featured more than 25 different putters from just about every manufacturer available. THP even got a history lesson and education of sorts from the SeeMore golf company in our week long segment we did entitled Putter Week. However during the entire year we had one complaint from readers that were used to a specific putter style and that was “When will we see an Anser version and how will it work?”. Well the folks at SeeMore Putters have answered your question with the soon to be released DB-4 featuring Rifle Scope Technology 2 (RST2) and a classic look that is sure to be on quite a few shopping lists.

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From the Company
We have had our most avid fans asking about this putter for the last few months as the first one or two initial protos showed up on tour late in the season. This will offer your readers early insights into one of our most exciting new putter introductions in the last 10 years. It is the official launch of RST2, which is a new version of our patented and proven RifleScope Technology (RST) adapted specially for a classic design offset hosel putter. The RST2 alignment system is housed on the top of the hosel vs. our original RST system which is found on the top heel section of the putter.

The primary benefit of the new DB4 with RST2 is that is will still offer the golfer many of the key benefits of our original RST technology. First, by hiding the red dot and lining up the 2 white lines behind the shaft, the golfer will be assured that the putter is square to the intended target line. As the RST lines are milled with 100% precision parallel to the milled face of the putter, the golfer knows that when the 2 white lines are visible, that the putter is not open or closed, and that the putter is fixed in a neutral position where the loft of the putter head will be optimal for perfect roll on every putt. Finally, the golfer also can be confident that by lining up the 2 white lines, and making sure the red is not visible, that his eyes and shoulders and hips will all be square to the intended target line. This means that the golfer will enjoy a much greater probability of making a consistently perfect stroke with each and every putt, leading to more made putts and lower scores due to improved putting.


The SeeMore DB-4 arrived at our offices and we got 1 look at it and new it was a keeper. The club has what you would expect from a SeeMore putter at first glance which was a great finish (more on that shortly) and the lower portion of the shaft being done in black. From the there obvious changes were of course the shape and style of the putter. The popular Anser style is extremely classic and traditional and will fit the eye of just about every golfer. The hosel has SeeMore written on the front of it and RST 2 written on the back of it in white bold letters. The cavity of the putter also has SeeMore written in white and the lettering chosen works well. The sole of this club has the classic SeeMore RST logo and the model number (DB-4) next to it near the heel and then 100% Milled, the type of metal, and USA near the toe of the putter. This being a prototype it also says 1st Run 029 of 250. The “red dot” is planted just where they say it is and is far more subtle than the original RST. For those used to the original setup, this could take a minute or two to get used to, but it seems to work exactly the same way. The face of the putter has a nice milled texture that seems to almost dance in the sunlight.

Purple & Gold come alive in the sun

As mentioned, the finish of the DB-4 we got to try out for testing is a flamed finish that turned out simply gorgeous. Keep in mind that with any flamed finished putter, there will be different variations and in the color and how it looks in different lighting. This particular putter has hints of orange and purple and when certain light reflects off of it, it truly glows like few we have seen. In January, a regular production model in a platinum finish will be available for $325 while this flamed model will be available in extremely limited quantities for $450.


Range Testing
We were able to grab 14 golfers to test out the new SeeMore DB-4 and of those 14, 12 had never tried a SeeMore putter before, however all 14 of the testers currently play some form of Anser styled putter and are used to the setup and look quite a bit. Each golfer filled out a score card with their thoughts on different categories (Look, Feel, Sound, Performance, & Overall). Here are those results:

Look – 14 of 14 golfers loved the look of the putter and rated it over 9.0 out of 10. 12 of 14 gave it a full 10 out of 10. The two things that people liked the most were the finish, in which some referred to it as the nicest they have seen, and the milled face that was referred to as “perfect looking”.

Feel – 11 of 14 golfers raved about the overall feel. The overall average of the 14 golfers was 9.0 out of 10 which ranks it near the top of the putters we have tested this year. The comment we heard that simply has to be quoted was “the face gave off a velvety feeling at impact, far different than my insert”.

Sound – 12 of the 14 golfers said the sound was “normal sounding”. The sound gave off a nice muffled metal sound with no real complaints from anybody.

Performance – 12 of the 14 golfers thought this putter performed better than their current Anser styled putter. Using the RST 2 for those that have not used a SeeMore took a couple of strokes to get used to, but in the end, the technology worked for just about everybody. The 2 golfers that did not care for the performance said so because they enjoyed the original RST and found this one harder to get used to.

Overall – 12 of the 14 golfers said that they would trade their current putter in for this DB-4 on the spot if they could. Bold recommendations from people just trying it on the putting green. The reasons given were outlined above and most said the look and the feel combined with the new RST 2 made them want this immediately. Something we rarely hear from our testers.


Course Testing
After the range testing I was eager to put this club in my bag and try it out on the course. I was able to put it in play for 9 rounds of golf and over 15 range sessions and I must say I agree with most of the testers. This was a little harder for me, because I do not normally play an Anser style putter but I enjoy the RST system and when put to use on this putter, it made the transition quite easy. The RST 2 works as described and I found that if you just focus on the white lines rather than the red dot this became a putting “lethal weapon”.

Comparing RST & RST2

The look and feel of this putter can be described as perfect for my golf game. I must admit I am a little biased towards flame finished putters, but this one has such subtle colors, it is not to crazy and over done. Couple that with the feel that is soft enough to have great impact and but not too soft to feel artificial and lack feedback. The key for this putter is getting a proper read on the green and just executing your stroke with the RST 2. What I found was that those mid range putts from 6-9 feet were dropping with more frequency and that is something that I did not expect.

I never thought that I would be able to switch to an Anser style putter, but SeeMore has made that change pretty seamless and easy. But what I found overall with this putter was that like all SeeMore’s it truly will help you make more putts. You of course will still have to make the stroke and gauge distance and read the greens, but using the RST 2 kept the putter stroke from wavering and that assisted me once again in making more 6-10 footers that can be huge to keep scores down.


Once again SeeMore has raised the bar and they are going to have a hard time topping this one. Of course we said that after the last couple of reviews we have done this year as well. When looking for a putter, few characteristics matter more than look, feel, and performance, and SeeMore got all 3 of those right in the new DB-4. The price is steep for this milled in the USA beauty, but when regular production hits early next year the $325 price tag is close to what other milled putters sell for. If you are struggling with your putting, we strongly recommend trying out a SeeMore putter and of course if this is your putter style of choice, the new SeeMore DB-4 will be available in early 2010. For more information on everything SeeMore, check out their website at and stay up to the minute with the latest SeeMore Putter news at their blog site at

Till Next Time

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