Seemore DB4x Putter Review

When I think of Seemore Putters, I think of a few things. The first thing that comes to mind is Rifle Scope Technology (RST), which is the incredibly useful alignment system that defines the brand. Second, I think of center shafted putters. Third, I think of impeccable quality and last, but not least, I think of exceptional customer service. When Seemore sent their DB4x putter for a THP review, I was pleased to see what was inside the box on my doorstep. If you are unfamiliar with the evolution of Seemore Putters since the company was reinvented a few years back, you wouldn’t have any clue just how different the DB4 line is. It’s a mid-mallet with a plumber’s neck, which is almost the complete opposite of where they began years ago. I was very curious just how this style of putter would work in conjunction with the system that Seemore created.

Thoughts on Looks, Quality, and Craftsmanship

The DB4x is a continuation of the DB4 line, which was Seemore’s original plumber’s neck blade. It has virtually the same design, but rather than a blade, it’s a mid-mallet. It is a very sleek looking mallet and has some beautifully blended lines that are really pleasing to my eye. The size and weight of the putter felt substantial in my hands but it wasn’t cumbersome in any way. Rather I found it to be well balanced and neither too large nor too small.

The one thing I kept forgetting during this review was just how special this putter was when it came to quality and craftsmanship. Much of that is because I tend to think of my putter as a tool and much of it is because I get so wrapped up in technology. Don’t be fooled though. This is a precision milled piece of art made out of soft carbon steel. In addition, it’s been coated in perhaps my favorite putter finish of all time: Gunmetal Black. It’s a rich and glossy black finish that really just pops out at you. It just shines. Add some very fine milling on the face and a ridiculously cool head cover and you have a putter that others will want to talk about. They also might want to take a few putts with it. Luckily, the Gunmetal finish is as durable as it is beautiful, so you have nothing to fear.

When we start talking about hand-made putters many people want to know about feel. I think it’s the most difficult thing to convey in words, especially when something I like may not be what another person likes. I have a hard time saying the word soft when it comes to milled-face putters and I’m not going to use that word to describe the DB4x. To me, it is firm and has a light ‘ting’ sound when it impacts the ball. I can sense pretty easily when I miss the center of the face, but it does seem to resist twisting pretty well. I found the sound and feel at impact quite pleasing and I suspect that others would feel the same.

The RST2 Technology

What is particularly interesting to me about the DB4x is that Seemore was able to incorporate their RST system on a platform that some thought it wasn’t suitable for. They built what they have named RST2, introduced on the original DB4, which places the alignment lines on the hosel of the putter rather than on the head. This allow for those people who prefer the plumber’s neck style of putter to benefit from the technology.

I reached out to the folks at Seemore at the start of this review for little lesson on how to use the RST2 and got a response within the hour. That’s customer service for you. They explained that the RST2 not only allows me to ensure I am aligned properly, but I can also be confident that my posture is good and I have the ball in the right position. One of the things I’ve always been inconsistent with when using plumber’s neck putters is my ball position. I’ve never been sure where it should be. RST2 basically takes that question entirely out of the equation. It’s been very refreshing to be able to putt without worrying whether I am aligned correctly and have the right ball position. RST2 doesn’t point the ball at the hole for you. It allows you to forget about the other variables so you can concentrate on a good read and a good stroke.

I think truly benefiting from a Seemore goes slightly beyond just using the RST. They have created a theory on putting mechanics that really works well with their products. I will say that it takes time, but I found myself consistently closer to the hole by adopting the techniques they suggested in conjunction with using the DB4x. The best part is that they will actually take the time to give you advice if you contact them. They truly want to help their customers become better putters and show that by being available to help.

Some Final Thoughts

I’m hesitant to gush about the DB4x, but it’s really hard not to. Seemore put together a solid package that combines great looks and craftsmanship with performance that ended up having a positive effect on my score. I’ve had some good putting rounds since this review started and I’m excited about putting for once. More than anything, I’m not scared of it and that’s a welcome change. I love seeing the continued innovation and growth from Seemore and this putter is a perfect example of that. To check out the full line of products, including the DB4x, you can visit their website at . As always, thanks for reading and best of luck out on the course.

Ryan H.

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