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The SeeMore Putter company is no stranger to the readers of The Hackers Paradise. We have reviewed almost their entire line and they were the winners of the 2009 Huge Putter Shoot Out a few months back. More recently the readers of THP got a treat with an Education Of the SeeMore Putter Company, an article written by both myself and the wonderful people behind this great company.

When the folks at SeeMore contacted The Hackers Paradise about reviewing one of their new putters we were eager to see what they had to send over to us. We had no idea what was coming, but as you can see from the unboxing pictures that we put up on the forum, we were a delighted with what arrived.
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First Impressions
The look of the SeeMore M8 is unlike most of the other putters in their line. It is a hybrid type of putter shape leaning more towards blade than it does mallet, but has a longer back end compared to that of a traditional putter. The M8 is 100% milled in the USA and the face has a different shade of mill marks in the center that make it stand out in a way few putters do. One more thing to note that we noticed right away was the shaft. SeeMore putters all have the bottom part of the shaft blacked out in order to use their Riflescope Technology correctly. This M8 prototype had the finish done in a gun metal color that we like A LOT!

The Practice Green
All of the THP testers were eager to get this SeeMore Prototype out to the practice green to give it a try so the following day we gathered 4 people and went to roll it for a few hours. All four of the testers that were out here on this day play a SeeMore putter so this was a nice comparison.

Josh – SeeMore mFGP2
Tim – SeeMore mFGP2
Jason – SeeMore FGP
Mike – SeeMore SB1

Each one of the testers involved took turns with their regular SeeMore putter and the new M8 prototype. We all definitely liked this putter quite a bit and the two of us that play the milled versions already thought that the new M8 had the feel we are used to. Soft and responsive with a unique sound as the ball comes off the face. Jason, who normally plays the FGP, loved the soft feel of the milled M8 so much that he was already calling his “better half” to get permission to upgrade to a milled SeeMore putter. Mike, who plays the SB1, still preferred the feel and performance of his putter to that of the M8 prototype.

Course Testing
Testing this putter on the course felt as natural as any putter testing we have done. The center shafted M8 prototype is as soft as any milled putter we have tested to date. For those that have not tried a SeeMore milled putter, you owe it to yourself to try one out. They have a unique feel that is more responsive than just about anything else we have tried to date. Rolling the ball during play was as expected, truly exceptional. The M8 definitely plays more like a blade on the course than a mallet and the roll is true and pure. It has a unique sound off the face that is quite pleasant and when you strike it dead center sounds perfect. SeeMore has set the bar so high that each time THP gets to review one of their new offerings we are almost trying to find something wrong with each one. After each round I found myself enjoying this model more than just about any other we have tried to date.

2nd Practice Session
We gathered 7 more golfers on a local public putting green and had them take THP’s Putter Challenge. We have done this in a few of our past putter reviews and it always turns out to be a lot of fun. The players hits 3 balls each from 5, 10, 15, and 25 feet with their own putter and with the SeeMore M8 Prototype. We then measure the distance away from the cup on average for all the golfers. After all 7 golfers had tried out each putter from each distance, THP got out their abacus and did some math. The SeeMore was closer to the hole by 6 out of the 7 players involved compared to their current putter. In fact from 15 feet away the misses with the SeeMore M8 were more than 12 inches closer to the hole than that of the testers’ current putter. It may not sound like much, but the difference between a 3 footer and 4 footer is quite large during a round.

The SeeMore M8 prototype is another example of why this company continues to amaze us with every putter that we try out. More and more players continue to jump over to the Riflescope Technology from SeeMore and we understand why. IT JUST WORKS. If you have not tried one of their offerings you are doing yourself a disservice as most of the time they can help make more putts. For more information on the entire SeeMore Putter line check out their website at You should also bookmark their blog as it is loaded each week with tons of great information on their line as well as putting help.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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