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In all the reviews we do here at The Hackers Paradise each and every month, one thing seems apparent. No piece of equipment is ever liked by every single golfer that tries it out. (more on this later) THP prides itself on the fact that we are one of the few places on the internet that gives the equipment we review a thorough testing by up to 30 people for each article we publish. We try and get as many types of players as possible to incorporate different skill sets into our work so that our reviews will be geared towards to the masses and not an individual sector of the golf community.

When THP first started working with SeeMore Putters we were able to give a little history on the company as well as review a great new putter from their line called the SB1. If you remember that article we came away extremely impressed and really fell in love with the putters that the company was coming out with.

Fast forward two months and we were able to catch up with SeeMore Putters at the PGA show and not only take a look at their complete new line, but also get a chance to talk with the people behind this brand’s resurrection. What we found out was that when you combine certain ingredients together it can create a winning recipe each and every time.

1. People that have a passion for the work that they do.
2. Customer Service that is as good as any we have come across.
3. A product that works as advertised.
4. A price point that fits in with what they are selling.

When you combine those four things together you are certain to succeed and that is what SeeMore Putters has done since bringing this brand back to the public in 2007.

Based on reader response we reached out to SeeMore Putters to discuss doing another review on different equipment. The response we got from the first review was astonishing, but many of the readers felt as though they would prefer a smaller head putter to the SB1 that we profiled. The company was kind enough to send us over two putters to take for a test drive. The FGP and FGP2 from their new “Stainless Series”. This new series of putters is cast of 303 stainless steel which then undergoes a four part milling process for precision and aesthetics. The putters in this series are available in black satin or satin nickel finish. SeeMore was kind enough to send us both of these in the satin nickel finish for our testing.

The day that the clubs arrived at our office, we immediately took them out to the putting green. The initial day we had myself, our THP Resident Teaching Professional, and another local teaching professional. We knew we were in for a treat when the first putt on the green was made from about 30 feet by someone (not me). The three of us alternated clubs and spent some time with each putter and all three of us came to the same conclusion. These are fantastic. Here is a brief synopsis on our thoughts from the first day.

1. The feel of the ball coming off the face is tremendous.
2. The alignment works as well as advertised.
3. The look gives you tremendous confidence at setup.

All in all our first day was rather joyous but ended in arguing as we tried to figure out how 3 players could “game” two putters for the next couple of days. The ruling was that they would test them the next day and that I would get them back after that.

After their round they were determined to not give the putters back but finally they agreed. Both of them preferred the FGP2 for the shape and feel but liked the FGP as well. At this point I could not wait for my tee time the following day and was joined on the course by a THP Forum member for 18 holes. I let him choose his weapon and he chose the FGP. Within 5 holes he was sold as on the 2nd and 5th holes he made 20 foot putts with his new “flatstick”. Both of us were really putting well and agreed after the round that we could really put these in play permanently.

The following day we assembled a group of golfers at a practice green for the same drill that we used in our last review. We call it the SeeMore Putter THP Challenge. We were able to round up 7 people for the first session and 9 more for the next session. Each person practices with the SeeMore putter for five minutes and gets used to the alignment aid that is built into them. Then from 15 feet away we putt 8 balls each with their putter and the SeeMore of their choosing. This time all 16 people preferred the SeeMore to their current putter. All of them were closer to the hole by 21% and made on average 1 more out of the eight with the SeeMore compared to the putter that they were previously using. This is the first time in all the reviews we have ever done that we had a unanimous count. We review items every single day and we have never encountered a piece of equipment that got a 100% rate by this many testers.

One more thing I want to touch base on in this review are headcovers. Putter covers are all the rage right now with some brands becoming collectibles. SeeMore Putters makes some of the best covers we have ever seen. Not only do they have the limited edition models that everybody seems to be looking for, but they also have added some functionality. This cover is not only extremely good looking, but also has great protection. But here is the kicker, the cover locks onto the shaft of the putter so you do not have to worry about it falling off during the round.

Overall, we think that SeeMore has once again raised the bar for the putting industry. When choosing a putter, it is most likely going to come down to preference and comfort. With that said, make sure that you do yourself the favor of trying one of these out before making your decision. Each and every time we revisit their brand we remark just how much we like it more than the last time. Both of the putters we tested have a MSRP of $185 and we feel that it is the perfect price for what you are getting here. In fact it may even be a bargain. You can read all about these models and all of the other putters that SeeMore puts out at SeeMore Putters. The company also has a blog that they update quite frequently that has some great articles. You can check that out at SeeMore Putters Blog. You will be glad you did.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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