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Finding the right putter can be a challenging and daunting task. Take equal parts personal feelings such as look, feel, and shape and then add in finding the right balance and type that match your putting stroke. What you end up with is hundreds of companies producing high quality equipment that is marketed as perfect for your game. Here at THP we try and demystify all of this and help people find things that will better their golf game and one of those companies that is making that easier is SeeMore Putters. The Greenside is on THP Radio that is a collaboration of The Hackers Paradise and Putterzone and it is a show that is short game specific with a heavy focus on putters. Last month on our show we got into a discussion about the new SeeMore SB line of putters and how they were unique and whether or not they would help people looking for that style of putter.

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Tech Specs
From the Company
The second generation of the SB Series. Heel shafted with smaller mallet version. Back flange water fall effect makes the look comfortable to the eye. Alignment benefits of RifleScope Technology (RST). The SB2w is offset version. 100% milled 6061 aluminum. 5 percent toe hag. 335g head weight. Weights will be installed in putter head bringing head weight to 356g. Each weight cartridge weighs 7 grams. Allen wrench can remove weights (wrench not included with purchase). Platinum or Black Satin finish. Price – $250.

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First Impressions & Looks
The first time we got to lay our eyes on the new putter from SeeMore it was at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show in January and we snapped a few pictures and put them up on the forum for readers to see. After that initial sighting, we waited patiently for an opportunity to get our hands on one to try out and review. The overall head shape is slightly smaller than that of the SB-1, and while the shape is similar, the newer version is more sleek. The alignment line on the top is “cut away” and at setup it gives you slightly more confidence that you are aimed correctly. The SB-1 featured a nice milled aluminum face, but the the SB-2 adds a different pattern to it aesthetically speaking and it brings a touch of grace that was not in the first model. On looks alone, we were pretty sold as to the benefits of the newer SB-2 and why it was added to the SeeMore lineup.

Putter Testing
When picking out a new putter for your golf game, it is a tremendously personal experience. What one person likes, another may not, and vice versa. So with that being said, here at THP we work hard to get multiple opinions on every piece of equipment that comes to us for a variety of different view points on every piece of equipment. This was no different and we rounded up 12 golfers on the putting green to let them try out the new mallet from SeeMore Putters and give us their thoughts on everything about it. We ask each golfer to fill out a scorecard on their thoughts and we average out the scores of all involved. Each tester in this group played a mallet style putter of some sort and only 1 golfer in the group had tried a SeeMore putter previously.

Looks – 8.5/10 – The shape and style of the putter was loved by everybody. It seemed that the only thing holding it back from a near perfect score was that in extreme bright sunny skies, a select few testers had trouble seeing the white alignment lines at setup (something we did not struggle with personally).

Sound – 7.5/10 – It was a “harder” sound than most expected, but still had a nice audible tone. The sound was mostly described as solid and one tester said it needed to be more “plush”. (Something we also did not struggle with)

Feel – 7.0/10 – In a very subjective category, this one would have been much higher had one of our testers not really disliked the feel. All but one person had the feel 8.5 or higher but the average of the scores was brought down. Feel was described as “smooth” and “supple” and was well liked by 11 of the 12 golfers in the trial.

Performance – 9.0/10 – In the category that clearly matters most, the results did not lie. More putts fell from 10-15 feet than the testers made with their current putter of choice and all but 1 tester made more putts overall with the SB-2 than with their putter. #1 reason given for this was RST and helping them keep the putter lined up properly.

Rifle Scope Technology

Course Testing
I was able to put the new SeeMore SB-2 in play for multiple rounds of golf and countless putting green sessions. What I have found is that it is a definite evolution to the original SB-1. I found the shape of the new version slightly more pleasing to the eye at setup, especially where the cut out of the alignment is found. The ball comes off of the face nicely with a smooth sound that I found extremely pleasurable. As with the SB-1, SeeMore has added the option of changing the head weight, but we found the weight to be quite nice and suited the putter head very well. The SB-2 definitely promotes a proper stroke both in the form of shape and weighting as well as Rife Scope Technology (RST). The new alignment lines on the SB-2 are simple and incredibly effective. The previous model had the single white line down the middle and this has gone with 2 white lines that then moves to a single line as you approach the face. I like to carry around a notepad when reviewing any piece of equipment and when looking back at the playing notes for the SB-2 they become almost redundant in where the putter excelled. The 6-10 foot putts that can make or break any round were simply different with the SB-2 from SeeMore. Whether it is the RST that we have grown to love, or the new shape and weighting, the par saves from that range were far more frequent than what we are used to.

New Face Design

We have said it before and we must say it again, the people behind the SeeMore Putter Company are continuing to put out outstanding equipment. The company continues to raise the bar in 3 very important categories for us as it pertains to reviews.
1. Customer Service – One can check out the forum for hundreds of examples from consumers on just how good this company is at going over the top to bring a new member in to the “SeeMore family”.

2. Quality Work & Innovation – Their line is extensive and their quality is top notch. Each release that comes impresses us more than the last one and they are extremely innovative in their approach.

3. RST – It just works. Call it gimmicky, simple, or anything else, but in the end, it does in fact make you a better putter if used properly. It is like getting a training aid and club in one package that looks great and performs.

In my opinion the SB-2 adds another dimension to their lineup and something that I felt as though was actually lacking. The SB-1 was their full mallet putter and it was close to their only full mallet putter in the lineup. The SB-2 will give consumers more choice for those that like the larger head shape and size. For more information on this putter or any other SeeMore products, check out their website at and also keep up with all of the new happenings with the SeeMore Putter Company by visiting their blog at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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