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As much as I absolutely love all different designs and brands of putters, we as consumers have seen so many re-hashes that very few new releases get me truly eager to get them in hand after a first glance. For me, when THP got a chance to capture images of something completely new from SeeMore at the 2013 PGA Show in Orlando, that eagerness hit in full force. Although SeeMore has a plethora of different head-shapes, some unique and some classic, the zSeries marks what could be a giant step for the company from both an aesthetic and performance standpoint.

SeeMore on the zSeries:

zSeries Tour Limited

The zSeries Tour Limited is a new exclusive series designed to offer the SeeMore loyalist and new fans alike a completely new look while still remaining true to the core benefits of RifleScope Technology. The zSeries comes in several exciting options in both a blade and mallet design. Each zSeries Tour Limited head is 100% milled in the USA from 303 stainless steel with milling patterns designed for the ultimate feel and roll.

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The zSeries Tour Limited heads offer the golfer a variety of sole weight options including 2 milled aluminum and 2 milled stainless custom heel and toe weights with each putter, which will allow the golfer to fine tune and customize swing weight, feel, and toe release patterns. Each owner of a zSeries Tour Limited putter will also be informed of new options to be created in the future for additional customization options.

  • Options/Specs:
    • 340-345g (350-360 w/ weight kit)
    • Milled from 303 Stainless Steel
    • Offered in heel and center shaft
    • Heel model offered in straight or whistle shaft
    • Interchangeable sole weights

zSeries Smoke Diamond

The zSeries Smoke Diamond CS comes in several exciting options in both a blade and mallet design. Each zSeries Smoke Diamond CS head is 100% milled in the USA from 303 carbon steel with milling patterns designed for the ultimate feel and roll. The zSeries Smoke Diamond CS heads only difference from the zSeries Tour Limited (which offers interchangeable weights). The zSeries Smoke Diamond CS will allow the golfer to fine tune and customize swing weight, feel, and toe release patterns.

  • Options/Specs
    • 340-345g
    • Milled from 303 Carbon Steel
    • Offered in heel and center shaft
    • Heel model offered in straight or whistle shaft

The Rundown

With the new zSeries putters, SeeMore has, in my opinion, shown their growth by stepping outside the box with a unique direction for them in design and aesthetics. Clearly, most head-shapes today in the putter market draw from classic designs of yesteryear, and while I’m sure that some of that can be seen in the z2 and z3 for some, I truly believe that the effort and time that went into these two models made them into an incredibly unique duo for SeeMore that opens a whole new chapter for the company.

The zSeries line is actually broken down into two more specific categories, Tour Limited and Smoke Diamond. Both share many aesthetic options like head-shapes (z2 blade style and z3 mid-mallet style), center or heel shaft, tri-plane sole, dual face milling, and a partial moon flange cutout. There are of course some differences though. The Tour Limited line is milled out of 303 Stainless-Steel and offers a platinum finish along with a moveable weight system. The Smoke Diamond line on the other hand gets its name from the smoke finish applied on the heads, and while it lacks the moveable weights of the TL line, it is milled out of 303 carbon steel.

For the purpose of this review I used the z3c Tour Limited (center shaft) and the z2w Smoke Diamond (heel and whistle shaft) models.

z3c Tour Limited

  • Headcover

Many times when it comes to a high-end putter, the little aesthetic details make or break it for people. Not necessarily with the head itself, but the package that surrounds it. For the Tour Limited series SeeMore has designed a limited headcover, a fitting thing given the name. SeeMore has long put out some very nice headcover designs that have always impressed, but just as the zSeries putters are another step for them, this is too. The Tour Limited headcover is nothing short of stunning in hand. It features a carbon-fiber look with incredibly detailed script stitching and there is no overlooking this headcover. Additionally, the coolest feature just might be the Velcro pouch on the side for the moveable weights, making it easy to have the kit with you at all times. I’ve always been a believer that the headcover should complement the package and SeeMore has certainly done that with a high end look for a high end putter.

  • Looks/Alignment

The z3 headshape itself is a proportionally balanced mid-mallet design with well defined lines throughout the putter shape. You can clearly see that inspiration was initially drawn from various other classic mid-mallet designs with the rounded overall shape and sweeping downward flow of the bumpers on the outside of the flange. From an alignment standpoint the z3 design offers a three-line setup with a single site-line on the topline and dual lines in the flange. However, the z3 also has a partial moon cutout in the rear of the flange which not only gives the overall design an incredibly unique look, but it also aids in alignment, making it a double threat with both looks and performance benefits.

The Tour Limited putters come in SeeMore’s platinum finish, which is also used on their mSeries line of putters. It is a very classic finish and in my opinion the light shade of the matte silver lends itself to showing off the lines of the putters more than darker finishes tend to. In fact, not only does the finish help show the head design, it also makes the engraving and paint-fill selections of the putter be noticed without seeming overdone. It is simply a very clean maintenance free finish that always looks good.

  • Sound/Feel

The Tour Limited line is milled from 303 Stainless Steel, typically SS is going to give off a higher pitched and more “click” like sound upon impact, which leads to a harder/more-firm feeling through that auditory feedback. Coming in to reviewing this line I expected to hear/feel that firmer sensation, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The zSeries features a dual face milling technique with the diamond milling we have seen in many SeeMore models across the face, but also additional horizontal groove milling in the middle of the face. It is very v-groove reminiscent to the eye, but much less aggressive. I found that these two milling techniques combined may be the gem of the zSeries. Had you not told me what material the head was milled from I would have guessed the “softer” carbon steel 10 out of 10 times. The dual milling gives the Tour Limited a slightly lower decibel click off of the face, which makes it “feel” much softer than 95% of stainless putters out there. This may not seem like a big deal to some, but it is certain to make the SS head an option for many who have always felt that it was too harsh upon impact – a very impressive accomplishment by SeeMore.

z2w Smoke Diamond

  • Looks/Alignment

The first thing that hit me about the z2w was the actual head-shape. It is yet another example of SeeMore bringing a design that draws from others, but is also made into their own. The z2 is a blade design that offers beautiful angles in the flange on the bumpers, but maintains an impressive smoothness to all of the edges. This really allows the little idiosyncrasies of the design stand out on their own.

As far as alignment, the z2w features a more traditional single siteline on the topline. However, it also has the partial moon cutout in the rear of the flange. In my opinion the cutout actually aids alignment more than the line because of the narrower flange of the blade design compared to the thicker flanged z3. It is also worth mentioning that since the z2w I reviewed is the heel shafted model, in order to maintain the balance of the design and offset the weight-distribution shift due to the internal hosel being further back of center, the middle of the cavity actually features a small cutout section. Though definitely a very unique look, I found it to work incredibly well, with the moon cutout in the flange acting as an additional alignment feature.

The z2w Smoke Diamond gets its name from the finish that SeeMore chose to apply to the carbon steel heads.  I’m traditionally a fan of the traditional black finish more than others, but the smoke is nothing short of gorgeous. The Smoke Diamond line may not have gotten the moveable weights that the Tour Limited did, but for me they definitely got the best maintenance free finish of the zSeries. When combined with the clean engraving and paint-fill on the putter, the Smoke Diamond finish just pops.

  • Sound/Feel

The Smoke Diamond line is milled out of 303 Carbon Steel rather than the stainless of the Tour Limited. Typically carbon steel is the preferred material for many “high end” putter users because it offers a much more muted sound than stainless and therefore the “feel” of being a softer putter. As with the Tour Limited, the Smoke Diamond z2w features dual milling on the face with the diamond pattern across and a horizontal groove milling in the center. Just like with the Tour Limited this combination of milling actually lowers the decibel of sound feedback that the user gets upon impact with the ball. Simply put, its one of the softest Carbon Steel putters I have ever rolled from a sound/feel standpoint. The nice thing is the impact “click” is still enough that you still get feedback on your stroke through the ball and don’t feel like you are using an insert putter. SeeMore has truly got something with this milling combination, they really do.

zSeries Overall Performance

While aesthetics are an important factor for many when considering a high end putter, the performance will always be the key. Rather than break down the performance of the z3c Tour Limited and z2w Smoke Diamond separately, I really felt like it would be more productive to discuss this section as one, particularly since you can get every combination of the heads and shafts in both lines of the zSeries.

While there are material differences that have lead to slightly different levels of feel/sound between the two different zSeries lines, the performance value for me was very similar. Thanks to the moveable weight system in the Tour Limited putters, the user is allowed to fine tune not only their overall head weight, but also the overall toe hang of the putter and how it reacts throughout the stroke. In a balanced weight setup (same in toe/heel like I tested it), the design of the heads is what stood out performance wise.

The zSeries putters also have a feature that has become incredibly overlooked by many putter manufacturers today, the tri-plane sole. In my opinion, the tri-plane sole is one of the best putter design features ever, as it lends itself to properly soling each and every stroke, something which many amateurs struggle with (we have all seen the massively toe-up putters out there). By adding in this very minor design feature, SeeMore has added in another method of consistent and repeatable setup.

The most impressive thing about the zSeries line is the overall balance of the two head-shapes. Both the blade z2 and mid-mallet z3 want to flow freely throughout the stroke no matter the size of the stroke and because of that it feels almost effortless at times. You clearly still have to select your line and pace properly, but the balance of the heads took a variable out of the equation for me on the course, much like the RST does. Combined with the dual milling on the face, the z2w and z3c produced smooth and tight rolls on the golf ball time and time again.

Parting Thoughts

The zSeries is an incredibly positive step for SeeMore as far as establishing a firmer foothold in the putter market. Both the z2 and z3 putters will appeal to a broader range of users from an aesthetic standpoint and serve as an opening to undoubtedly introduce both the company and their RST to many who never would have tried them before. Although the zSeries carry with them a price tag that is a bit higher than we are used to seeing from SeeMore (with theSmoke Diamond  being 395.00 and  the Tour Limited at 450.00), I would argue that the user is truly getting a premium putter not only in price or looks, but in performance. This is a big step for SeeMore as a company and shows firsthand the growth that they have seen over the past few years, and I for one am curious and excited to see where it leads from here.

For more information on the zSeries, be sure to check out their website at

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