Selections Begin Sunday – 2013 Morgan Cup – The Ultimate Amateur Golf Event

Sunday night marks the beginning of a special week on THP as we start announcing the participants for the next Ultimate Weekend of Golf. Entries poured in over the last few weeks and 32 lucky golfers find out if they will be making the incredibly journey in the 2013 Morgan Cup. For those unaware of the event, or how hopefuls tried to qualify, you can find out all of that information by clicking here.

Announcements will be done each night on the THP Forum at 8pm EST in a dedicated new thread. Day by day, THP will announce 3 names at the proper time and the 1st post in the thread will be updated as they are selected.

The panel of judges chosen to make these selections has had the painful task of narrowing down all these wonderful submissions. With so many great entry videos, the process was both painstakingly difficult and virtually impossible, however in the end, selections were made and the lives of 32 golfers will be changed for the next year.

If you are one of the chosen few, congratulations on being a part of something as special as the Ultimate Amateur Golf Event. Your life for the next 7 months will be different in many ways and you should embrace the hurdles in front of you and cherish the journey to the Cup. If you end up not being selected, please know that it was not an easy task and we thank you for your consideration in becoming a participant in this process.

Good luck everybody.

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  • Absolutely awesome – can’t wait!!!

  • Its SO real now! I can’t wait….oh I want this!

  • Very cool, can’t wait to see who’s chosen.

  • Awesome, looking fwd to it!

  • Wow….just Wow!!! Can wait either way it goes. So exciting for everyone involved. Good Luck!

  • Cant wait to see who has been chosen.

  • YES!!! 3 per night, thats awesome

  • Really looking dorwardr to this. Good luck everyone!

  • Should be fun to follow along with!

  • Saweeeet! Cant wait!!

  • Wow, three people per night! Can’t wait!

  • Can’t wait for Sunday…it is so true that lives will change with every announcement.

  • I love the idea of 3 a day! That is perfect.

  • That. Just. Happened!

  • So awesome! 3 per night makes it even better

  • Can’t wait for selections to start! Congrats to those selected!

  • Best of luck to all of my friends that have entered this year. I am pulling for you!

  • I love it! I cannot begin to imagine how difficult this selection process was!

  • This is great! I can’t wait for it to start. 3 a night is exciting! I wonder if it will be one person on each team per night?

  • Awesome, Good luck everyone, I’m ready for my life to change and accept the challenge!!

  • YooHoo!!!!

  • This is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to see people’s reactions to when they get selected. Good luck all!

  • i’m so effing pumped for this and i’m already in it!
    this is going to be amazing.

  • Three per night will help alleviate some of the suspense.

  • So awesome! Looking forward to seeing who gets in!

  • Wow! Awesome news. I look forward to the announcements.

  • This is awesome. 3 people per night. I now we don’t have to wait 9 agonizing days just 6 if we’re the last names chosen 🙂

  • Three per night! Wow!

  • Three’s the magic number, best of luck to everyone that has entered.

  • It’s getting to be that time boys!! Get ready!

  • We’ll know soon! Looking forward to all the excitement from those selected and following them on their journey.

  • Can’t wait to see who the lucky people are that get selected.

  • This is so awesome. I can’t wait. Hoping for the best.

  • Can’t wait for the selections to start! and 3 per night is awesome!

  • Saweet! Can’t wait to congratulate those that are chosen! Good luck!

  • This is going to be Awesome!

  • And here we go!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3 per night……very cool way to do it with 3 teams needing to be filled….can’t wait to find out which team I am on, who my captain is and which Sponsor I will be repping the hell out of for the next several months!!

  • Amazing news!! 3 EACH NIGHT! Good luck again to everyone who entered!!

  • Good Luck to all the hopefuls I met at the Ohio outing last week. Congrats to all who are chosen. I am going to follow the cup this year and maybe next year I’ll be in a position to through my name in the hat.

  • Rooting for everyone that sent in their entries, you can feel the excitement over flowing in just about every thread. Next week, each day will be the first day of a new outlook for three lucky people! Good Luck Everybody!

  • Man I cannot wait to see who is coming down! Good luck everyone. I know you all worked hard

  • Good luck to everyone who entered! I hope to be able to enter next year. But I will be following all the action starting with the selections next week.

    Again, congrats and good luck!!

  • The excitement each night will be phenominal, good luck to all who entered.

  • Whoa… stomach is in knots already!

  • Good luck tonight everyone!

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