SensoGlove Training Aid Review

Golf gloves seem to be popping up with all kinds of new technology each year but this one may top them all. Some will help you with extra padding, some will be extremely durable, but what if one could actually give you lessons and make you a better player? SensoGlove is the first product to incorporate a digital computer into your golf glove to make sure that your grip has the correct pressure each and every time. But the glove takes it a step further by making sure you know where the pressure is coming from (which finger or area) and how much to correct it.

From the Company
SensoGlove is the first and only golf glove with built-in sensors that constantly read the pressure of your grip. Practicing with SensoGlove will teach you the correct grip pressure for a smooth, consistent swing that delivers greater distance, enhanced precision and lower scores! Maintaining a lighter grip pressure is regularly discussed in every magazine and by all the professional golfers and teaching pros. The trouble is it’s difficult to learn exactly what they mean by a light grip pressure and most golfers end up swinging with a death grip. SensoGlove’s built-in digital computer actively monitors your grip with sensors placed strategically throughout the glove, providing instant feedback at all the points of your swing. SensoGlove’s audio feedback warns you at the moment your grip becomes too tight, allowing you to learn and maintain correct grip pressure at every point of your swing. Everything about your swing is affected by the way you hold the club! SensoGlove will teach you the best grip for every part of your game!

First Impressions
It looks like a glove, it feels like a glove, yet it appears to be so much more. The glove itself is more than we expected. Soft, smooth, and seems to be quite durable. The glove is white, with a black trip as well as yellow in between each finger. The computer is attached the the back of the wrist area and is removable so that it can be transferred to a new glove should this one be worn out. The fit seems to be true to size so if you normally wear a large, you will wear the same with the SensoGlove. Each finger as a small bump in it which holds the small sensors that monitor the grip pressure. Once you have it on for more than a minute, you do not even remember you are wearing a “special” glove.

Range Testing
We gathered up a couple of THP testers and went over to the local driving range. We were each armed with a new SensoGlove and once we warmed up, we put the gloves on our hands. Within 2 seconds of gripping the golf club we all learned something. Every single one of us gripped the club to hard. Hearing audible beats left and right we all knew that each one of us was experiencing problems. We also knew that the gloves were working. Hear the beep, look down, and see where the added pressure is coming from and how much you need to lighten up. It really was that easy. What we did not realize is just how much better we would strike the ball. All of us experienced a dramatic improvement hitting with the SensoGlove on our hands.

Large Public Testing
THP saw such a cool transformation that we decided to take this testing one step further…THE PUBLIC. We took a glove in each size over to a very crowded public range and asked people to come over for a quick demo. Surprisingly in just 90 minutes we were able to have 27 people test out the SensoGlove. 23 out of the 27 people that were able to try out the SensoGlove were gripping the club too tightly. With some practice time with the SensoGlove they found out the proper pressure and most seemed to hit the ball considerably better. 18 of the 27 golfers that tested out the glove saw a distance increase by having the proper grip. While the increase was minor (less than 6 yards) it was an increase. 22 of the 27 golfers saw an accuracy increase. The accuracy increase was over 13.1 yards closer to the target on average after using the glove for practice. Out of the 27 people that got to try the glove 21 of them were interested in purchasing it immediately.

The 6 golfers that were not interested in the SensoGlove all gave the exact same reason. Price! They liked what the glove did and actually thought it would help their game quite a bit. But a few were turned off with the price being $89.95 and felt the money would be better spent elsewhere in their golf game.

After a couple of weeks practicing with the SensoGlove I am happy to report a few things:

Durability – No issues at all and the glove is still going strong

Help – The glove has actually helped my game more than most training aids we have tested in the past. A couple of minutes with this and it helped my game both with distance an accuracy. Will it do that for everybody? Probably not, but it certainly worked for most of our testers.

Longevity – Many have asked if I am still using it. Actually I am with almost every range session or warm up I do. I hit a few balls and then put this one on to check the pressure of my hands before continuing.
If you have the opportunity to try the SensoGlove out, I strongly recommend it. It is staying in my bag and there are quite a few people from our testing that shared the same beliefs that I have shared today. A couple of simple tweaks and we were hitting the ball much better. While it is nice to know the pressure, the key is to know where the pressure is and fix it. For that reason alone, we strongly recommend the SensoGlove. You can read a lot more about it at their website as well as purchase one directly.

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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