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A few weeks ago we did a handful of reviews on different eyewear companies and we were so pleased with all the great choices out there for golfers. We have another brand that we want to share with everyone called Serengeti, and this is definitely a company not to be left out. Serengeti has a new polarized lens on the market called the Polar PhD and we wanted to put it to the test on the golf course.

The Polar PhD lenses can be found in two styles of Serengeti eyewear; the Flex-Series and the Serengeti Sport. For this review we received the Flex Series and of the three options available the ones we tested were called Mare. For a little background on the Flex-Series these are flexible metal based frames rather than lightweight plastic frames found in the Serengeti Sport’s.

The Mare have a silver frame with the Polar PhD Driver lenses in a light brown. The PhD Driver lenses are designed to be best for driver and outdoor activities because they adjust to the change in light and according to the company block out harsh blue light. This is why this particular lens is ideal for golfers out on the course. The other option of lens is the Polar PhD CPG which is better for conditions where there is a bad glare. But for the purpose of this review and discussing the sunglasses we received we will focus our attention on the PhD Driver lenses.

About the Lens Technology:
The polarizing layer of the Serengeti Polar PhD lens is engineered directly onto the back
surface of the lens using Advanced Polarized Surface Technology™. This proprietary process
delivers up to 98% polarizing efficiency and removes any possibility of delaminating, a
disadvantage of conventional film-based polarized lens construction.

• Advanced Polarized Surface Technology™

– Delivers up to 98% polarizing efficiency
– Polarizing layer cannot delaminate

• Photochromic
– Automatically and instantaneously lighten or darken to provide the optimal light
transmission in any environment

• NXT Lens Material
– Precision laser optics, providing the best in visual acuity
– 10% lighter than polycarbonate and more impact resistant
– 75% lighter than glass
– UVA/UVB protection

• Spectral Control®
– Provides unparalleled contrast and superior color enhancement by filtering out
specific colors within the visible light spectrum

Our tester was a little hesitant to try the brown colored lenses for fear there would be a major color distortion and everything would look too dark and have a brown hue. When we asked him if he noticed any color distortion due to the brown color of the lens he said that this was not an issue at all. To go a step further he said that everything was crystal clear and he was quite pleased with the visual clarity. Throughout his round he had no issues with the sunglasses and found them to be very helpful to block the blazing sun and allow him to follow his ball after each shot.

We also asked him to tell us about the comfort of the sunglasses and that is when he really got excited. The first thing he said was that these were so light that he didn’t even feel like he was wearing any sunglasses. The metal frame is incredibly flexible and molded perfectly to his face making which made the glasses a perfect fit. He loved how easily the metal frame could bend and he said they were extremely durable and he had no concerns about breaking them. He said the glasses performed great on the course and he really loved the lens technology but it was the frame that really knocked his socks off. He was so impressed with how comfortable they were he couldn’t stop talking about how he really didn’t feel like he was wearing sunglasses.

Another big question we had was about style; do these glasses look as good as they perform and feel? The answer to this is a definite Yes! These glasses are very sleek and clean looking and have a sophisticated look to them. They are very flattering to just about any facial size and shape and because of the flexible frame will fit just about every shape and size face which is a huge added bonus. These glasses are unisex so they are great for both men and women, our tester just happened to be male.

Overall the Mare glasses by Serengeti Eyewear did everything that they said they would and our tester was absolutely thrilled with these sunglasses and so were we. They are possibly the most lightweight glasses we have tried yet. Another really great feature is the ability to add a prescription to these lenses without losing any of the great technology that they offer. With a retail price of $159-$189 we think these are right in line with the best of the best on the market and if you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses definitely check out Seregenti. You can learn more about their different lines at their website HERE.

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