Shaft Tech – Carbon Fiber Properties

Shaft Tech – Carbon Fiber Properties

In volume two of Shaft Technology in 2 minutes or less from THP and Matrix Golf, we talk about the different grades of carbon fiber that make up a graphite shaft. Explanations of MSI, etc are all explained and why they matter.

Here, Tom DeShiell, Director of Research & Development at Matrix Shafts breaks down the education barrier in easy to understand information as part of the THP Classroom. Join us each week for another episode of Shaft Technology in Two Minutes or Less.

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  • Very interesting information about varying temps or cook time. These are great videos with good info in a quick hit.

  • Never thought about how cook time and temperature affected the properties of how a shaft performs and its strength. Great video.

  • These are great. I love the technical information. It’s nice to understand what the shaft properties are and how they relate to what we use!!!

  • Just crazy to hear what goes into the materials and creating of a graphite shaft. Never understood the complexity (and still don’t entirely) but it’s just crazy what I take for granted.

  • Man these are so well done and easy to understand.

  • Great video, I didn’t even know about the different modules in shafts.

    So well done and simple to understand. This is a great series.

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