Shaft Up with UST Mamiya will Return in 2018

This year THP and UST Mamiya partnered up for a program that is unlike anything that has been done before. We called it Shaft Up and it involved some lucky THP Forum members going on a journey of epic proportions. Today we are proud to announce that this fun campaign will be returning next year and here is Danny Le from UST Mamiya with a fun teaser.

Details are not available yet, but what you need to know is this.

You will get fit for new equipment
You will play golf
And there are zero costs

That’s right, zero, including the travel, but wait, as the infomercial catch phrase goes…There’s more!

The Finale
The Grand Finale will return in 2018 as well.

Each of the THP Shaft Up events (there are 3 total) will feature the fun and equipment, and post event, your job will be to review the new shafts and equipment you receive. The person that does the best job of this, from each of the Shaft Up events gets a ticket punched for what we call The Finale. It’s another event, held at a beautiful resort where you will go later in the year, meet with UST Mamiya and play some golf for the weekend with your new gear and even test some more new products…And it wouldn’t be Shaft Up if there were any costs, so it is all 100% free of charge.

Stay tuned for all of the details coming for the 2018 Shaft Up initiative because as Danny Le said in video above…Expect Bigger, Better and Bolder coming out of these amazing opportunities ONLY available at The Hackers Paradise.

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