Shot Scope PRO ZR Laser Rangefinder

Shot Scope just keeps on innovating. From the start, they have proven that just living on past successes isn’t something that interests them. No, they have kept their focus squarely on providing golfers with devices dedicated to implementing the best distance measurement based technologies and designs to help them improve. While their GPS and shot tracking systems are often the main focus, the brand also understands the fondness that golfers have for rangefinders. 

That brings us to the present, and the introduction of Shot Scope’s newest laser rangefinder, the PRO ZR. 

Shot Scope PRO ZR

Shot Scope PRO ZR Laser Rangefinder

If you have been following THP, then you know we have covered both their PRO LX and PRO L2 rangefinders, and both have been met with a range of positive feedback. However, some felt that there was a level of form and finish which both options lacked. The new PRO ZR certainly appears to be Shot Scope looking to put an end to such thoughts. 

Shot Scope PRO ZR

The brand is referring to the PRO ZR as their “most robust and rugged” rangefinder yet. Diving into the design and materials involved, that certainly looks to be the case, but it also looks much more refined as well. 

Shot Scope PRO ZR in hand

Externally, the PRO ZR is made of a DuraShield Hardshell material which looks to not only provide longevity, but resistance to treacherous weather conditions on the course. The ergonomics appear from Shot Scope’s pictures to be more substantial and thought out with its shaping as well as gripping surfaces. Not to mention, the very nice touch of shifting the slope trigger towards the front of the unit makes one wonder why it hasn’t been done before as it visually just makes sense. 

Internally, the PRO ZR uses an LCD display with 6x visuals and the ability to choose between black or red optics based upon user preference. The unit has a 1500 yard range and uses Shot Scope’s “Rapid Fire Detection” and target-lock vibration to give as much feedback as possible when ranging a shot. Also, because I know some of you are currently wondering about it, yes, Shot Scope has also utilized a magnet on the PRO ZR so it can be attached as desired. 

The Details

Shot Scope is clearly committed to creating the most well-rounded assortment of distance devices that they can, and the PRO ZR looks like a very solid step forward for them in the laser segment. The device will be priced at $299.99. Be sure to keep an eye on THP, as we will have much more on the new PRO ZR, including in-hand feedback, very soon!

For more information, check out their website at

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