Shot Scope V5 Golf Watch Review

Shot Scope V5

Shot Scope’s impact on the distance measuring and performance tracking aspects of golf is well documented at THP. By providing stylish and feature-packed products without the hassle of subscription fees, the company has managed to secure a substantial customer base in a relatively short time. Another way they’ve done that is by creating a diverse product line that is accessible to an extremely wide range of golfers. For example, if you’re not interested in their performance tracking features like those offered in the X5 watch, they offer the very affordable G5 that only tracks distance. If you don’t wear a watch but want to track performance, they offer solutions like Connex, tags that interact with a mobile app, or the Pro LX+, a laser rangefinder with integrated tracking. 

Somehow though, Shot Scope has managed to recognize a hole in their lineup and is seeking to fill it. Their new V5 Golf Watch may outwardly bear strong resemblance to the flagship X5 watch, but it occupies a space in both pricing and design that may appeal more to you. Read more to find out why. 

Shot Scope V5 Golf Watch at a Glance

At $249.99, Shot Scope’s V5 Golf Watch features similar styling, the same advanced distance measuring and performance tracking capabilities, and lack of subscription fees as the X5 at a lower price. The key differences between the two are 1) the V5 scraps the touch screen in favor of a button-based navigation system and 2) the V5 comes with an ABS bezel instead of ceramic. 

V5 Golf Watch Features

Shot Scope V5 Hole maps

The V5 is a full-feature Shot Scope product, meaning it offers everything we’ve come to expect from the company when it comes to GPS and performance tracking. At its most basic level, it provides F/M/B distances to the green on over 36,000 golf courses, but most should already know Shot Scope’s distance-measuring capabilities go far beyond that. Each hazard has been mapped with both front edge and carry numbers as well as predetermined layup distances so you can plan an attack to best suit your game. Even more exciting is the recent addition of Full Hole Maps, which gives a great visual of the hole’s layout and allows the user to select distances to any spot between tee and green with the V5’s buttons. 

Shot Scope V5 Green showing

Green View and Pin Placement brings the golfer’s focus to the micro level. By seeing the shape of the green up close, you can eliminate some of the visual confusion that course designers are so good at creating. While the view from the ground may make it appear you only have a sliver of green to aim for, an overhead view may be able to assure you there is plenty of room to work with. Pin Placement narrows this down even more, as you can place a marker where the pin is located and obtain a more accurate number. 

 GPS is only one part of what the V5 offers. In addition, it supplies robust performance tracking capabilities to help you improve your golf game. It all starts with the 16 2nd Generation shot tracking tags included with each watch. You simply screw the RFID tags, which are embedded with smart GPS chips, into the butt-end of your club’s grip and they seamlessly interact with the V5’s software to not only record each shot, but also mark where you took it from. This includes putts, which can be marked manually or with the Pin Collect feature. No internet connection, phone, or tagging is required during gameplay, limiting unnecessary distractions. 

Shot Scope app

Post round, a simple upload unlocks over 100 available statistics to analyze on either the Shot Scope mobile app (available for both iOS and Android) or desktop Dashboard. Data points like shots gained, average and performance distances, fairway and green accuracy, and more, give a clear picture of what aspects of your game may need more attention. In addition, add-on features like MyStrategy, which takes your saved data and allows you to impose it on any course you are playing in the future, and Shot Scope Academy, a service that instructors and coaches can use to analyze student data, put your statistics to even more use. Of course, it’s always worth repeating that all of this comes with no additional fees, making the V5 a one-time purchase that can serve the user for years to come. 

Customization and Other Features

Shot Scope has always recognized its users’ desire to have a wearable that is both stylish and customizable. For example, the G5 GPS watch can be personalized with several differently colored bands. The V5 doesn’t have that option yet, but it does offer five different color themes so you can make it your own. As you might expect, we are partial to green, but if you go with a different look, we won’t hold it against you. 

While it’s not a full-fledged smart watch, the V5 can be worn off the golf course as a normal watch with some add-on abilities. The hardened glass lens and 64 color, 240×240 pixel display will be visible in sunlight and the silicone strap is quite comfortable for extended wear. Speaking of extended wear, the V5’s battery is capable of finishing 2+ rounds of golf in GPS mode, so you should be able to squeak in another round if you decide to skip mowing the lawn in favor of 36 holes. 

Expanding on customization, it has a variety of watch faces to choose from. In addition, an onboard step counter can help the fitness-minded golfer keep track of the wellness-benefits offered by walking both on the course and off. 

Shot Scope V5 Details

  • Available in-store at many golf retailers or online at
  • $249.99 includes V5 watch, tracking tags, USB charger, mobile app and access to all tracking features and software updates. 
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