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Ever wanted to be a club tester/reviewer? We are partnering up with Tour Edge Exotics again for a chance for THPers to do just that. We call the program TEEm Tour Edge and it is going to be an absolute blast.

What is It?
We will select 4 Albatross Club Members of different skill levels that will be part of the team. They will hear from communications, get equipment info and have gear sent directly to their house or work up to FOUR times this year. Their job will be to test the equipment out, and review it on the THP Forum and social media in a weekly fashion. Like THP, Tour Edge is looking for honest feedback. The goal here is to help answer questions and share information on the products, so you must be willing to be active, answer questions about the equipment and review each piece for a period of time until the next one shows up.

If you are not a 2021 Albatross Club Member, never fear, the club is open to anybody and helps support an amazing charity in St. Jude. In the name of this community of golfers, we have been able to do things like this.

TEEm Tour Edge

How Does It Work
Every few months a new piece of equipment will arrive along with some messaging about the technology and product as a whole. Your job will be to take some pictures, test it out and share all of that information on the THP Forum and social media. Each time a new piece of equipment comes, you repeat the tasks and have some fun with it. As part of TEEm Tour Edge, the products you review are yours to keep. The fun of it, is you won’t know what is coming until it shows up, except that we are telling everybody that the new Exotics C721 lineup will be a part of TEEm Tour Edge this year.

How to Signup
All you have to do is leave a comment below with this information.

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Give us 1-2 sentences on your plan of action for reviews.

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