Sligo – 2010 Spring Fashion Preview

Here at The Hackers Paradise, we have reviewed many apparel brands over the last few years and none of which caught our eye quite like the brand Sligo Wear from Canada. THP got its first look at them back in 2008 when we reviewed their current (at the time) line and came away extremely impressed with their style and how they had a unique look that we had not seen previously. From that point on we were hooked and have since covered each line that they have produced since then and have even been fortunate to give away multiple outfits in our “Sligo – Outfit of the Month Contests” that we have done. Apparently we are not the only ones that caught on to this colorful and trendy apparel designer because they were also voted 2009 Men’s Apparel of the year by the readers of THP, an honor they were incredibly thrilled with.

Back in January of this year, while at the PGA Merchandise Show, THP got a chance to get a preview of what was coming in 2010 and share it with all of our readers. What we saw was a company that was continuing to raise the bar in style and design, as well as the fabrics that they have used to create their new line. Here is a brief video we shot with Andy Gilkison showing off some of the new for 2010 styles by Sligo.

During that video, they made mention of a PGA Tour Star that is wearing the brand out on the course and that is Brian Gay that had an incredible 2009 and if currently playing in his first Masters right now. THP’s own Golfer Gal had a chance to sit down and speak with Brian Gay and discuss, his style and why he chooses to wear Sligo Wear.

Sizing & Materials
Many have asked over the past couple of years about Sligo’s sizing and if it is Euro cut (more athletic fitting) or true to size (more relaxed fitting). The answer is a little bit of both. We have definitely found it a little more athletic fitting than relaxed, so if you like your apparel kind of loose, order a size up and it will fit perfectly. With their sizing, they really do have a fit for everybody, which is something we have rarely seen, and THP likes it quite a bit. When it comes to materials used in apparel, comfort and performance are king in my opinion and in the past, Sligo had comfortable, performance based apparel that we really enjoyed. With their 2010 line they have stepped it up once again with some new blends that we think are as good or better than anything we have tried to date. The Jersey Polyester is a perfect example of that and is highlighted below. To get this kind of performance without sacrificing (or in this case adding even more) any of the feel and comfort of a shirt is simply outstanding. The pants all come hemmed in a 34 length, and a simple trip to the tailor can have them adjusted for you.

Outfit #1
Shirt – O’Brien
Shorts – McKenna
Belt – Vibe
Visor – 2010 Visor

The O’Brien shirt this year is something to behold. With a diamond pattern covering the front, the shoulder, and the back, it adds some unique style that we have not seen before and the color palette that they chose to use is perfect. This shirt can be paired perfectly with so many outfits, but with the McKenna shorts it brings the colors together perfectly. Before we get to the shorts, I want to tell you about the feel. If you are a cotton kind of guy, but want to possibly try out technical, moisture wicking materials, this is your shirt. It is 100% jersey polyester that is soft and smooth and adds a silk like feel while wearing it. As soft as cotton without losing any of the performance of other fibers.

The shorts as mentioned bring this outfit together nicely. 82% Polyester 16% Rayon 2% Spandex. 2-way stretch, flat front that provides good fit, and will not be soaked after a round as the Spring weather turns to summer. The accessories tie the entire outfit together and make it a match made in heaven. The belt is the new Sligo Vibe belt that offers a more subdued buckle than what we have seen in the past, but if you have never tried a Sligo belt, you are missing out, the quality of the strap is perhaps the best we have come across. Extremely soft and extremely durable! Not much more you can ask for in a strap and this one is bold and unique in color to bring the shirt and shorts together. One could go with white here as well in my opinion. The visor is the new for 2010 design of the Sligo visor. Nice lines in black and silver pair up well with the white frame. Comfortably lined with a terry cloth like material and it is fully adjustable to fit anybody out there.

Outfit #2
Shirt – Scriver
Shorts – Crimson
Belt – Vibe
Visor – 2010

The Scriver shirt is another in the 2010 line that features their 100% jersey polyester. Soft, silky, and extremely stretchy to provide a great fit and performance on the golf course. The front has the pattern you see and the back is a solid color. In this case gray. This is a little bit more tame, but we found the style exceptional without losing any of the comfort and fit mentioned in the 1st outfit. The shorts for this outfit are show stoppers and the pictures just do not do them justice. They are as the color describes a Crimson or a deep red that just stands out, while at the same time not looking over the top flashy. Something unique about this color in shorts that says “wear me”. They feature the same materials and fit as the pair in outfit #1 and match up with this shirt so well it is almost scary. Putting the finishing touches on this outfit is the Vibe belt in white and the 2010 white visor featured above. The Vibe belt in white could possibly be a must have accessory for 2010. As mentioned, the quality of their straps is special and white brings so many outfits together.

Outfit #3
Shirt – Mentor
Pants – Sligo Green Plaid
Belt – Icon
Hat – Cadet

The Mentor shirt is solid black and is a technical pique type of feel and finish. This is an example of a simple shirt that works well with so many outfits and at the same time having that incredible cut and style that Sligo has become famous for. The pants on the other hand are big and bold and feature a plaid that we have not seen before. They are flat front and boot cut and fit true to size. They are black and lime green with hints of blue stripes throughout. Pairing them with a solid shirt is perfect and they are fully technical and have a great light stretch to them. The Icon belt we got to review last year and is still a perfect compliment to so many Sligo outfits as it features chrome, white, and a hint of Sligo green. The last piece of this puzzle is the Cadet hat in black. Now I will be the 1st to say that I WAS not a huge fan of this style of hat, but like the Drivers Cap that Sligo makes, this one fits differently and really brings everything together. Two styles of hats that I said I would never wear (Cadet & Drivers Cap) are now both my go to hats with so many outfits.

Outfit #4
Shirt – O’Brien
Pants – Medium Gray
Belt – Vibe
Hat – 2010 Visor

During all of Spring Fashion Preview, a few items stand out that I proclaim are “Must Buy” items. This year we have seen 1 or 2, but very few are rarely given that moniker and those that are, are in my opinion special and timeless to an extent. The O’Brien shirt in black is a Must Buy item. It is modern, edgy, with a classic appeal as well. The comfort and materials are the same as featured above in outfit #1 and are simply divine. The color choice here matches just about anything you throw at it, and the shirt will be a perfect compliment to golf for seasons to come. The pants in this outfit are medium gray and feature the same flat front and boot cut style as the plaid pair featured above. They offer just the right amount of give and do not sacrifice any comfort with the technical materials. Putting this outfit together is the Vibe belt in white as well as the 2010 visor. Both have been featured above and are examples of pieces that can be matched with so many outfits.

The brand that has dazzled us for 2 straight seasons comes back and raises the bar yet again. At this point it will be hard to top what they have put out from a style, fit, comfort, and performance standpoint, but we look forward to the fall when they try and outdo themselves yet again. It is not common that we come across a “Must Buy” item, that we feel confident in saying will work for just about any golfer, but the O’Brien in black is just that. The entire line is once again one part “work of art” and the other part performance golf attire. When you add look, cut, quality, overall style, performance, and comfort all together apparently you get the word Sligo. For more information on the items you have seen here or any of their new 2010 line, check out their website and store at

Do not forget you can hear Shawn from Sligo Wear talk about this new line on our latest podcast that can be downloaded or listened to right here.

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