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The Hackers Paradise has reviewed several different clothing lines and each one has their pros and cons. However, few, if any, has had such an effect on us as one brand, Sligo. This trend setting company makes clothes for the common man who wants to dress for success on the golf course. Trendy clothes are all the rage right now and no company does it as well as this one does. So many people think that golf clothes are either khaki pants and a white shirt, or crazy plaids and outlandish patterns. Sligo has proven that you can have fun patterns and bold colors and still look great! I had the pleasure of sitting down to speak with the brains behind this extraordinary brand and I hope you enjoy this read as much as I enjoyed speaking with them.

THP: I would love to get some more information about the creation of Sligo, starting with how did you all meet, how did Sligo come to be, and how did you come up with the name Sligo?

Sligo: We all played at the same course together and knew each other about a year before Sligo was created. We came up with the idea for Sligo while we were all playing at a ProAm. Each one of us fit a role that when put together just worked. Sligo is named after the 13th hole of the course we all met at.

THP: Here at The Hackers Paradise we have noticed that some of our favorite clothing companies seem to be based out of Canada, any ideas why?

Sligo: Because we have 6 months of the year where we can’t play golf so we have a lot of time on our hands (everyone laughed).

THP: Where do you draw your inspiration from, how do you come up with your colors and designs?

Sligo: Rule number one; never leave home without a pen and pad. We are lucky because Toronto is such a great trendy city and there are so many wonderful things to pull ideas from. We are always keeping our eyes peeled for something that stands out to us, in fact we once got an idea off the back of a truck. You just never know where you might find that perfect pattern or color.

THP: How do you decide on the final product? Do you have a theme from year to year?

Sligo: We will bring hundreds of ideas to the table and after a lot of tweaking and collaborating we create that final product. We don’t really have a theme so much as we are just always trying to stay ahead of the curve. We always want to be unique and different.

THP: Would you say you have a signature color or item?

Sligo: Our signature color would be Sligo green and we wouldn’t say we have a signature piece but
you will always find the dot in Sligo green on every one of our pieces.

THP: The THP crew was glued to the television for the Verizon Heritage where Brian Gay walked away with a huge win. We couldn’t think of a better person to be wearing your gear and what a huge victory for both Brian and all of you. Who are some other players sporting the Sligo brand?

Sligo: We have been so fortunate to have some great guys wear our line. A few names would be Bubba Dickerson, Travis Perkins, Steve Lebrun, Justin Hicks, Jeff Ritter, and of course Brian Gay. We are still flying high on the big win by Brian, we were so happy for him.

THP: Brian not only looked great performance wise on the course, but he was definitely dressed for success. I guess it’s true, if you look great then you feel great and if you feel great you play great. What is in store for the future of Sligo?

Sligo: Right now we are in the process of expanding the line into Argentina, France, the Caribbean, Australia, Japan, and the US.

THP: We are so excited about all the great accomplishments so far for you guys and we can’t wait to see more Sligo in the future. I personally can’t wait for you to start a ladies line. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today!

I should note that Sligo does not have plans for a ladies line in the near future, it looks like that will be a couple years away. When that days comes I can promise I will be first in line to purchase some gear. The guys of Sligo were such a blast, they had me laughing so much during the interview that I kept forgetting my questions. For me there are a few key elements that truly makes a successful company; a quality product, a passion for fashion, and customer service. Sligo has all of that and then some. This is a top notch company run by a group of guys who care so much about fashion, quality, and golf. If you have not already checked them out you can do so here.

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