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We here at The Hackers Paradise have a few pet peeves on the golf course. We would be here for a while if we wanted to list our entire peeve list, so in this case we will just stick to one. That is players who do not repair their pitch marks on the green. For something that takes 5 seconds and in the end makes so much difference to the course, it always surprises us how so few golfers actually do this. Each and every round I play I come up to a green and see fresh marks that nobody even attempted to fix.

Enter the SmarTee and a reminder to golfers everywhere to fix their marks from the time they tee off. When we first heard about this tee/gadget, all of us were pretty intrigued. The company was kind enough to send over some samples for us to review and when they arrived we took one look and said “will it work”. By pictures alone our readers thought they seemed slightly “flimsy” and wondered if they would hold up for fixing the greens. Time for THP to step in and put the SmarTee to the test.

Here is what the company says about the product:

Here are some of the things you will be prepared to do when the SmarTee is in your pocket:

* Tee up consistently
* clean the grooves on your club head
* clean the debris off of the cleats on your shoes
* most important – conveniently repair any and every pitch mark, divot or other damage while on the putting green.

We wanted to take each one of their claims and see if they worked so we handed out a small checklist to a few golfers and asked them to check out each function of the SmarTee and see how they worked. To our surprise all the golfers that tried out the tee that morning claimed that the tees worked as advertised. Cleaned the grooves well, (although most tees do this) teed the ball up perfectly every time, cleaned out the golf shoes, and worked great at repairing pitch marks on the green. One thing that got us pretty excited from the testers is that they said the tees were quite durable. Most played a round with the same tee and nobody broke more than 2 tees in a round.

After the rave reviews from the testers, I wanted to take the SmarTees out for a test drive on my own. A couple of things I noticed during my round was that the testers were pretty spot on. The tees do line up correctly and despite pushing two prongs into the ground instead of one, it added absolutely no trouble whatsoever. I was nervous that the SmarTee was not going to be stable enough to repair some of the deep pitch marks that I leave on the greens, but to my surprise the tee/gadget held up perfectly and gave me no problems at all.

For five holes the SmarTee was amazing for me. Then I had some issues. Actually to be fair I only had one issue, and that was durability. While the tee held up fixing pitch marks and everything else I threw at it, I did manage to break the longer tees used for drivers quite a bit in my round. In fact I broke 6 of them in 18 holes. However, I was the only one that had this problem. Golfergal playing with me, had no problems and had the same tee last 18 holes as did most of our testers as reported above.

Overall we think the SmarTee was a product that really surprised us. I am all for carrying less things around with me while golfing and this product certainly gives that ability to players. THP recommends giving these a try and if the durability works for you, then it will be a product you will absolutely love. With a price of $6 for a decent package (2 of each size tee) it could be just what you are looking for. Check out their website for more information at

Till Next Time

Josh B.

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