Sneak Peek – TaylorMade Ghost S Putter Preview

THP has your first look at the new Ghost S Putter from TaylorMade Golf. It appeared to debut on tour at the WGC and the reception has been quite good. This putter will be out throughout the month of September at the THP Tour Van Events for our readers to test out and post their feedback on. If you are not sure where the tour van is going to be and when, check this out.

Inspired by tour testing this new putter is sure to be in the bags of golfers everywhere that enjoyed the first series. The new look of the alignment was such a hit, that this putter was in a handful of bags at the PGA Championship just one week after debuting at the WGC. Size wise it falls right in the sweet spot between the original spider and the Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

Pure Roll continues on this line and THP knows that many found it to be one of their favorite inserts.

What good is a nice looking putter without a unique cover to go on it and protect it?

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  • Hello. Come to Kmac

  • Spider is a solid offering from TM with a cool head cover. I’m sure this will be a popular item.

  • Dang it and I just fell in love with the first one in december, oh well I guess it’s time to save up for this one haha

  • Nice. Like they finally put the alignment aide from the Spider Vicino on there! I have a feeling this one will be everywhere.

  • I really like this more than the last model. I feel like it has a better alignment aid for me.

  • That’s a beauty. And I LOVED the Pure Roll insert.

  • Love the original, can’t wait to roll this one!

  • Very nice, been tempted to give a ghost spider a try and I really like that alignment.

  • looks nice hope they have a CS like the last models.

  • I really like the design of the pure roll face and it’s probably one of the best looking headcovers I’ve seen from TM in a while.. Well done!

  • I like. Hopefully center shaft is an option.

  • I haven’t loved all the Ghost offerings but there are some that I’ve liked quite a bit. I can’t wait to get a chance to roll this thing to see how it stacks up.

  • I rolled the original Spider and really liked it. Felt really good and rolled the ball exceptionally well.

  • I’m still not big into the white stuff, but I do like this style of putter. I would roll the one we had in our pro shop for a while until someone bought it!

  • How cool, love the look, especially love the sneak preview!!

  • As a huge fan of the original Ghost Spider, I am loving the look of this one just as much!

  • Spiderman wants his putter back! Love it.

  • Ahhh man, I just bought a new putter. Oh well, this is a must have!

  • Really odd complaint, but the face looks…..ugly. Though the Pure Roll is just so good.


  • The original was great and hell of a nice head cover on this one!

  • Yes please! I love it. I love the “gnome” like alignment aid. I want one.

  • NTS, NTS….
    i like it.

  • Looks pretty good, I know I don’t roll the spiders well, but thats a great looking putter.

  • I will have one… sexy

  • QUESTION: Will THP be testing this amazing Putter out, other then in the VAN? I would love to hear what THPers think compared to other Taylormade Putters and the pervious Spider!


  • Couldn’t putt until I got the original spider. Now putting is the strongest part of my game.

  • Really digging the alignment line on this one, may just have to give this is a go! Thanks for the sneak peak!!

  • Looks great. I have used the original in black and liked it… didn’t love it. My main complaint was it was too bulky. Maybe this size fits me better?

  • Will have to give this a roll as I search for my next weapon next year!

  • That is one beautiful putter!

  • Good lord, you know that will find it’s way to my house, only question is will it kick out the original ghost spider!

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