Sneak Preview Miyazaki B. Asha Preview

Miyazaki Premium Golf Shafts is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the new B.Asha premium ultralite series shafts.

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The B.Asha series builds on the tour and aftermarket success of the breakthrough, premium ultralite C.Kua series with enhancements in weight reduction, elevated balance points and refined, more stable International FLEX Code profiles. Across the globe, the game’s most skilled players continue to open their game to ultralite technology in search of distance. With the launch of the new B.Asha series, Miyazaki is committed to creating the world’s best, tour-proven ultralite shafts.

The B.Asha series will be launched to golf’s global tours in August with an aftermarket launch date of September 2012.

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  • This should get more then a few people very excited.

  • This will be interesting to follow.
    I need to improve my knowledge of shaft technology.
    I see this as good time to educate my game.

  • Cool looking shaft, Like Sharkwrestler I know nothing about shaft technology.

  • Great shaft company, I expect nothing but the best from them.

  • It amazes me that I had never heard of Miyazaki 2 years ago and now they are my favorite maker of golf shafts. I look forward to following the reviews and comments.

  • Really looking forward to more on these

  • Very, very cool looking graphics on the shaft. Very much looking forward to hearing & learning more about this line and see if it at some point I can fit into a lighter shaft with the launch characteristics that I like, would like to enjoy benefitting from the lighter weight offerings.

  • I love the Miyazaki in my Mashie and the one in my driver. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one performs.

  • I have so much to learn about this game….shafts, launch angles, spin rates…I am very interested to learn more about shafts and shaft technology to help improve my game

  • Oh man! The graphics on that shaft are phenomenal! I always love what Miyazaki does on their shafts. I really hope that this shaft will suit my swing because I really want to put one in my J40 for the looks.

  • Gorgeous!!! Reading the description also really impresses me. Lighter, more efficient flex options… I really want to swing this thing.

  • Alright, Im interested. Ultralight? Sounds perfect to me.

  • Me likey. Can’t wait to read more about how it plays

  • I’m interested to hear/see more about these. I used to have a c. Kua and really liked it.

  • whoa! tight looking shaft right there. love the design and you know Miyazaki only does it right. can’t wait to see these out…maybe some testing will be in order????

  • always a fan of the designs on the miyazaki shafts. This one sounds interesting.

  • Awesome. Can’t wait to hear what kind of performance this delivers. It looks awesome.

  • You had me at premium ultralite. If this improves on the already fantastic C. Kua then I am certainly interested in learning more.

  • This is very cool. An upgrade on the C. Kua series? That’s awesome.

  • These people at Miyazaki just get it! No doubt in my mind they have another winner here.

  • That,ll look nice in the Classic head

  • I want! Those graphics are sick.

  • I love Miyazaki shafts and cannot wait for this.

  • If TC says he wants then I want! Can’t wait for the feedback!

  • Yes! Love Miyazaki shafts

  • I wonder if this will be put into a new driver from Cleveland :alien:

  • How can these shafts get any better? Can’t wait to hear more about them

  • Great artwork on the new line.

  • Nice, looking forward to hearing more about them.

  • I’m in the market with shafts!Can’t wait to hear the details

  • WOW those guys at Miyazaki are now setting the bar even higher! First class company bringing the heat in the shaft industry.

  • That is awesome to hear. Love that with all of the success of the C.Kua Miyazaki did not rest, and went out and improved it. Any chance these are in the Tour Van in NC? hehehe

  • Man I am looking forward to this review. I hope it performs as well as it looks.

  • Glad that I haven’t pulled the trigger on that Black yet.

  • So does it position the kick point in different locations. high, mid and low?

  • Love the graphics and looking forward to the reviews.

  • Looking forward to some reviews, have really enjoyed the lighter weight shafts thus far!

  • Color me interested…

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